Department of Political Science

Political Science Major

Degree Requirements

The aim of Political Science courses is to promote understanding of the nature of political relationships. The diverse course requirements allow students to choose course that interest them the most, while preparing for a wide range of careers or advanced degrees.  The political science major requires 39 units, to be divided as follows: 

Foundation Requirements (9 units)

Majors must select 3 lower level (100 or/and 200) courses from Political Science.



Research Requirement (3 units)
Course Number Course Name Units
POSC 301 Political Research 3



Topical Areas (12 units)*
Topical Area Course Number Course Name Units
Public Administration

POSC 375

POSC 381

POSC 383

POSC 384

Public Administration

The Presidency


The Judicial System

Comparative Politics

POSC 337

POSC 339

POSC 340

Comparative Govt. of Foreign Powers

Comparative Political Systems

Comparative Public Policy

International Relations

POSC 303

POSC 434

POSC 436

POSC 447

Theory of International Relations

Comparative Foreign Policy

U.S Foreign Policy

International Law & Organizations

Law and the Judicial System

POSC 418

POSC 419

POSC 420

POSC 422

Constitutional Law and Politics

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties : The First and       Fourteenth Amendments

Constitutional Protections:Person Liberty and the Rights of the Accused

The Supreme Court

Political Theory

POSC 427

POSC 428

POSC 430

Political Theory I

Political Theory II

American Political Thought

State and Local Government

POSC 304

POSC 305

POSC 375

Politics of Metropolitan Growth and Change

Urban Government

Public Administration


*Majors must select 4 of the following courses. Each course must be in a different topical area.


Electives (12 units)

Majors must select 4 upper-divison (above 300) Political Science electives.  Course taken for Topical Areas  can not be used to fulfill this requirement.  No more than 9 units of special topics courses and

internship credit combined may be used to fulfill the electives requirement.


Seminar Requirement (3 units)
Majors must take 1 of the seminar course (481-486) offered by Political Science.  Students must have completed at least 15 units in Political Science and POSC 301 prior to taking the seminar course. 



Transfer Credit Policy

Students who transfer to Towson University in senior standing are expected to complete a minimum of 15 units of upper-division political science courses. Those who transfer below senior standing normally will be expected to complete 21 units of upper-division political science courses at Towson University.




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