Faculty Sponsor Dr. John Bullock


The Publicity committee will be handling our newsletter and website, as well as announcing our events to PSA members and the rest of the school, when appropriate. We will need plenty of help advertising all of our speakers, as well as getting coverage for our induction and chapter startup ceremony. Mass Comm majors and minors are welcomed, as well as anyone with web experience.

Our Events/Speakers committee will be handling the logistical considerations of bringing our speakers onto campus, and working with their offices to make sure everything runs smoothly. Event planning is an extremely valuable skill, especially for those who want to get into non-profit work or go on to get a higher degree. If you want experience with this kind of work, and you wouldn't mind becoming acquainted with the staff of our speakers, we'd love to have you work on this committee.

The Symposium committee is working to assist Dr. Roberts with the extremely hefty task of event planning and coordination for this extremely worthwhile and wonderful event. It brings in speakers to discuss various issues of concern in an academic setting. Many distinguished guests have participated over the years.

The Careers/Internships committee is designed to assist our PSA members with getting their foot in the door at the many places in and around Washington D.C. and Baltimore. We will be having guest speakers come in to discuss how they got where they are, as well as information bulletins and updates to assist you.

Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Dept., Liberal ARts 3210, Towson University
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