Academic Leadership

Towson University has in place a variety of academic programs designed to ensure that students graduate with knowledge and skills in the exercise of civic responsibility and ethical leadership. The following undergraduate and graduate classes as well as graduate degree programs and post-baccalaureate certificates include leadership and leadership training.

Academic Leadership
TU offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses which foster leadership development in students.

Undergraduate Classes

  • FMST 350 Fundamentals of Leadership in the Non-profit Sector
  • KNES 372  Practical and Instructional Skills in Exercise Leadership
  • KNES 449  Leadership for Sport Professionals 
  • MNGT 463  Organizational Leadership
  • NURS 459  Nursing Practice VIII: Leadership and Management

Graduate Classes

  • EBTM 625  Project Leadership and Communication
  • ECED 762  Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood Education
  • HRD 640  Leadership Theory and Practice
  • IHSM 614  Team Building and Leadership Skills
  • ILPD 605  Management of Human Services: Leadership and Supervision
  • ILPD 668  Leadership and Group Dynamics
  • ILPD 716  Leadership of the Schools
  • ILPD 739  Leadership Theory and Practice
  • ILPD 742  Transformational Leadership and Professional Development
  • INSS 641  Leadership of the IT Function
  • ISTC 702   Educational Leadership and Technology
  • MGMT 600  Leading with Integrity
  • MGMT 730  Leadership, Learning and Change
  • MGMT 731  Leadership Seminar
  • MGMT 732  Leadership: Self-organization in the Firm
  • MGMT 760  Organizational Creativity, Change and Entrepreneurship
  • WMST 604  Women and Not-for-Profit Leadership: Governance and Advocacy

Graduate Programs

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Courses Leading to Maryland State Department of Education Certifications