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Strategies for Using Online Quiz Tools

Online Mini Quizzes:

Students are given quick online quizzes that allow them to practice with the materials they are trying to commit to memory. Have students take the quiz after reading a chapter to assess if they know the material before they come to class. Allow your students to take the quiz as many times as they need.

To encourage participation, consider the following:

  • Add a point system to the quizzes. For example, you can give 2 points to students who receive a 90% or better.
  • Password protect the quiz the day the reading is due. Make the students take the quiz before class begins. This will force students to read the material before class.
  • Make the quiz available after a lecture to test their retention of material. Ask students to complete the quiz within a specified time period.

Diagnostic Self-Checks:

Create mini-quizzes that not only test a students knowledge but refers them to specific material for remediation in the specific areas they demonstrated weakness.

When creating the quiz, use the feedback fields to refer your students to specific material.

Multimedia Quizzes:

Using the "Advanced Feature" add multimedia to your quiz questions. Ask students to respond to a picture, audio clip, or video clip.

Anonymous Feedback Surveys:

Create surveys that ask the students to state something positive and something negative about the course. Ask students to complete the anonymous survey during different intervals of the course. Based on student's comments, make appropriate changes to your course.

Quiz Tool Tips

Before choosing a particular strategy for your course, review your course objectives. Your decision to implement a particular strategy should be based on the strategy's ability to meet your course objectives.

Due to the technical nature of online quiz tools, it is important to prepare a backup plan in case students have trouble completing an online quiz or survey. What will you do if student's run into problems? How will you compensate?

If your quiz tool allows you to set your quizzes for multiple attempts, this will allow your students to take the quiz as many times as they would like. We recommend that you use this feature as it will minimize your work if students have problems due to the technical difficulties.

If available, use a pool are to initially create quiz question. Your can then create a quiz that pulls specific or random questions from a question pool. You can also export question pools to import them into other course sites. Never create an online quiz or test that will carry a significant percentage of the student's overall grade! An online quiz opens the door for cheating. Furthermore, you may need to make special considerations for students who have difficulties with the tool.


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"They could take that quiz over and over again…it would force them to go back into the material and go and find the right answer."
— Bridget Sullivan

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