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Closed Site Program

Closed Site Programs are previously approved program offered at the request of a sponsoring agent at a business, industry or governmental site solely for its own employees. (If program is open to the general public, institution must follow off-campus approval process).

Outlined below is the approval process required to offer a Closed Site Program.

1.  Towson Learning Network (TLN) works with the primary TU contact or the client to begin developing the closed site contract/MOU. The program cannot be marketed, nor can students be admitted until all of the following steps have been completed. TLN submits the closed site contract/MOU to the Provost’s Office for review and approval.

2.  In the Provost’s Office, the associate provost and the assistant vice president for assessment review the contract/MOU.  If the contract/MOU is complete and consistent with institution, USM, Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) requirements, the assistant vice president for assessment acquires the Provost’s signature and returns the MOU to TLN for client signature.

3.  When all signatures have been collected, the contract/MOU should be returned to the Provost's Office.  The assistant vice president for assessment submits the completed closed site contract/MOU to the USM Chancellor and MHEC concurrently for notification.

4. If further action is required by MSCHE, the assistant vice president for assessment notifies TLN and the department of the additional Middle States Accreditation Program Requirements and Instructions for completing a substantive change request.

 5. TLN prepares the required substantive change documentation with the assistance of the primary TU contact for Middle States.  The department submits the draft substantive change document to the appropriate dean for approval, and the dean’s office submits the substantive change documentation to the assistant vice president for assessment for review and approval.  Once the substantive change request has been approved, the substantive change request, executive summary, copy of the final contract, and copies of the transmittal memos to USM and MHEC are submitted by the assistant vice president for assessment to MSCHE on behalf of the Provost’s Office.

6.  MHEC and MSCHE send letters of acknowledgement and/or approval to the Provost Office. The Provost’s Office forwards a copy of these letters to the appropriate college dean, department chair, registrar, and director of financial aid.

Marketing for the requested program and admissions decisions must be delayed until notification of approval is received by both MHEC and MSCHE.


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