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Reflective Process for Diversity


Reflective Process facilitators

More than 45 facilitators have helped bring the Reflective Process to the departments on campus. Some of those individuals attended a recent facilitator's gathering and are pictured above. A complete list of Reflective Process facilitators is included below.

Here is what some of our facilitators have to say about the Reflective Process.

Mary Casterline

Mary T. Casterline

HR Associate

Office of Human Resources

"I found it surprising that many of us have a very limited view when it comes to diversity. Most people think it stops with race, gender, or religion, but there is so much more to consider and to learn about others. . . What excites me about the process…is to see people broaden their viewpoints and continue to improve upon respectful, meaningful interaction with each other."

"The aspect about the Reflective Process that is most exciting is the tangible piece that hopefully every staff will take with them once they have gone through this experience. It is my hope that each staff member (including myself), will learn something about themselves, about their department, and about how we all work together. I hope that everyone will go forward applying something that they have learned to help positively impact our community."

Ryan Kane

Ryan Kane

Assistant Director

Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education

Santiago Solis

Santiago Solis, Ed.D.

Senior Director

Center for Student Diversity



"From my involvement as a facilitator, I have learned that staff and faculty at Towson are eager to diversify the campus. I am extremely hopeful that the conversations about diversity that are taking place campus-wide will further help transform Towson—making it a learning community where students from many different backgrounds are supported socially, culturally, and academically."


"I feel very happy and excited that our university is moving in the current direction. . . looking at the five and 10 year plan. Making it more inclusive is the way to go. I am glad to be part of the movement."

Krish Vaidya

Krish Vaidya

Grants & Banking Manager (Retired)

Financial Services

Kristi Yowell

Kristi Yowell

Acting Manager

Employment, Classification and Compensation

"Great things happen at Towson University. This process has allowed existing programs to be discussed in greater detail, enhancements made, new partnerships and collaborations forged. We should all look forward to the continued progress towards an inclusive campus community as these conversations continue and become the new norm."

Complete List of Facilitators

Jamahl Abul-Rahmaan Bruce Herman Amy Rinnier
Dirron Allen Mollie Herman Pauletta Riley
Lisa Ades Claire Holmes Thom Ruby
Ronald Butler Barbara Hufnagel Debbie Seeberger
Mary T. Casterline Ryan Kane Lisa Simmons
Sarah Crest Kay Kazinski Santiago Solis
Corrine Datchi-Phillips Art King Alana Sonenshine
Guy Davis Haley Klein James Spivack
Jeannie Deckelbaum Ken Krivitzky Diana Terrill
Jerry Dieringer Gregory LaCour Krish Vaidya
Craig Donahue Joy Lane Becky Verzinski
Karen Eaton Bobbi Madison Susan Willemin
Deniz Erman Pamela Mathias Raft Woodus
Nicky Everette Pamela Mooney Kristi Yowell
Bob Farmer Marinela Moreno Alex Chong
Mary Fortier Sean Moundas  
Paz Galupo Deborah Nolan  
Maren Greathouse Karen Oppenheimer  
Carole Green-Willis Ben Ose  
Sam Hannigan Janene Ottel  
Bryan Harris Kris Phillips  
Michael Harris Dorothy Proctor  
Glenda Henkel Greg Reising  



• If you are interested in becoming a facilitator for the Reflective Process, please contact us.


spotlight - Lisa Simmons


"This process gave me, as a facilitator, an opportunity to point out the things that people do everyday in their interactions with students, faculty and staff that contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment."

                        -Lisa Simmons

      Housing & Residence Life








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