Residency Classification

It is the policy of the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland (USM) to recognize the categories of in-state and out-of-state students for the purpose of admissions, tuition and charge differentials at those institutions where such differentiation has been established.

Initial determination is made when a student applies for entrance to a Towson University program, and is based upon the information supplied by the student on the admissions application.

New students should contact the University Admissions Office, 410-704-2113, for information about residency classification.

After the first term of attendance, students who wish to change their residency status should contact the Registrar's Office to obtain a Petition for In-State Residency, 410-704-3104.

Petitions are due by the last day of the Change of Schedule period, published in the Academic Calendar, for the specific semester the student is filing a petition for changing residency status.

NOTE:  Petitioners are required to submit a Maryland Comptroller's confirmation copy of the Maryland State Income Tax return.