SAACS Scholarship



We are currently working on this history but what is known right know is the following: Several years ago SAACS got together and decided to try and start a scholarship to help students. Many of the faculty donated money and eventually $10,000 was raised to start a scholarship fund at the Towson University Foundation. Now we are fortunate to still receive donations from faculty and alumni. For the next Academic year Fall 2016 - Spring 2017, we will be offering a SINGLE $1000 award to be award. Application for this offering will be accepted from 26 October 2015 thru 23 November 2015.



1. Full time, chemistry major enrolled at Towson University

2. Junior or senior standing at Towson or transfer junior or senior with more than 15 credits at TU, including no less than six credits of upper level chemistry courses taken at TU.

3. Minimal GPA of 2.65- Departmental  and 3.00 overall

4. Students must be active in at least one campus based or community based activity outside of class work.

5. Must be attending TU the following semester after the awarded semester. (I.E. if a student receives the scholarship for Fall 2016-Spring 2017, he or she must attend classes at TU in the Fall of 2017.)


Applications can be downloaded by clicking here or by picking one up from Ms. Smith in the Chemistry Department office in Smith Hall room 543.

Both the application and an unofficial complete transcript are required.   Your packet should be turned into Ms. Smith in the Chemistry Department office room 547.  The deadline for applying for the Award  is  November 23, 2015. 

Any Questions can be directed to Ana Morales or Dr. Keith Reber.



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