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The University Curriculum Committee (UCC) is a sub-committee of the University Senate and functions to review and promote actions related to curricular change.  The main function of the committee is to review programmatic curricular changes.  Course related changes are handled by the two sub-committees to the UCC, the Core Curriculum Reporting Committee and the Course Approval Reporting Committee. 

UCC Committee Members 2013-2014

Carol Caronna, SOAN/CRMJ, CLA (2014) - CHAIR

Jay Zimmerman, Mathematics, FCSM (2014) -

John Kirch, Mass Comm, COFAC, (2015) --

Gail Parr, Kinesiology, CHP, 2016 -
Xaolin Li, e-Business and Technology Management, CBE (2016) -
Sheila Green, Nursing, CHP (2015) -

Lisa Sweeney, Library (2015) -

Darlene Fewster, Special Education, COE (2014) -

Adam Zukowski, Library, (2016) -

Ex-Officio Voting Members:

Marion Cockey, Chair, Course Approval Reporting Committee -

Donna Cox, Chair, Core Reporting Committee -

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members:

Alicia Arkell-Kleis, Admissions -
Bob Giordani, Associate V.P. of Enrollment Services/Registrar -

Deborah Nolan, Cook Library -
Janet DeLany, Office of Graduate Studies

John McKusick, Director of Academic Advising (ex officio) -

Scheduled Meetings: Second Monday, September* - May, Cook Library, Towson Room (Cook 507)
                                        3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Curriculum Forms:

NEW for 2012-2013: All curriculum forms must be submitted electronically using ImageNow.  All forms must be filled out and submitted by a department chair into the ImageNow system.  Forms will be processed and approved electronically.  Paper based signatures will no longer be required. 

For questions about this process or help with using ImageNow, please contact Suzanne Hill in the Registrar's Office at

Link to Forms Page:

The UCC reviews proposals submitted on Form C, Form D, Form E and Form F.  

Proposals submitted on Form A or Form B (New Course/Course Change) should be directed to the Chair of the Course Approval Reporting Committee.

Proposals to add a course to the Core should be submitted on the Core Form and directed to the chair of the Core Curriculum Reporting Committee.

More Information

More information on the curriculum process is available in Academic Resources.

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