Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

How do I...
Log into Involved@TU?
Post an announcement on the Daily Digest?
Update Student Organization Directory info?
Fulfill my mandatory community service hours?
Get a Towson email or listserv?

Request a Towson University Vehicle?



How to log into Involved@TU
Simply enter your Towson user name and password (same as for your email).

If you have difficulty logging into the system, please contact Priscilla Mint.

How to Post a Daily Digest Message
Email your submission at least one business day before you want it to appear.   Know that this is not a computerized system.  There is an actual person who enters all this info and he will do his best to get everything posted in a timely manner, so please be patient.   So if you send something in over the weekend, don't expect to see it on the DD until Tuesday at the earliest!

Messages can run for a maximum of one week.  If you want your message to run longer, you must re-submit the entire message with new staring and ending dates.

Use the Daily Digest to promote special events, announcements, etc.  Please do not use the Digest to advertise your general meetings.

When you are ready to post a message please follow this format (if you choose not to it will be more difficult for the administrator to input the information, thus it will take longer for the message to be posted):

  • Your full name
  • The full name of the sponsoring organization (add the acronym if desired)
  • Start date for the announcement to run
  • End date for the announcement (maximum one week)
  • Content of the announcement including the who, what where, when, and why information
  • Contact information for people who want to know more about your message ( email addresses. websites, phone numbers, and/or room or office locations)
  • When including email addresses and websites, please include the squiggly bracket symbols { } like this,  {}.  Why you ask?  It's how the address will appear as a hyperlink.
  • Please spell-check your submission; it is not the responsibility of the Digest administrator to edit your announcement

Send your submission to

How To Update Your Listing on the Student Organization Directory

Q. What is the Student Organization Directory (SOD)?   

A. The SOD is a list of all Student Organizations at Towson University located at  It lists descriptions of student orgs and information on how to contact them.


Q. Why is this so important?

A. Many prospective members, the Office of Student Activities, and the SGA use the information listed to contact organizations regarding membership.   If your listing is missing or outdated, students will have no way to reach you and will join a different organization!


Q.  Akkk!  I'm not listed or my info is wrong!   What do I do?

A.  Fill out the Organization Directory Form.  We will update/add your entry as soon as we can.


Q.  Is there anything else I should know?

A.  The description of your organization is vital for telling students what your organization is all about.  Be short and sweet, yet thorough.   Nobody is going to read your description if it's too long.


Q. Can I list my organization's website?

A. Yes you can!  If your organization does not have a Towson website, we encourage you to create one!  Make your organization stand out with a great website!  To request a TU website address, visit  or come to the SGA office (UU 226).  Make sure your advisor signs the form!

How To Complete Your Mandatory Community Service Hours   
All SGA budgeted & affiliated organizations must fulfill the mandatory community service requirement.  OSA recognized organizations are encouraged to fulfill it as well.

Each organization must complete 5 hours per semester for at least 1/3 of the organization’s membership. Huh? What does that mean?  Here’s an easier way to think of it: Use this formula to determine how many hours you need: 1/3 of your organization times 5 hours.  For example, if you have 30 members, 1/3 is 10 people.  10 times 5 = 50 hours.  This means your organization must fulfill 50 hours, but it must be spread out over at least 10 people…meaning that even if you do 50 hours, if only 9 people participated, it does not count since that is less than 1/3.

Helpful Hints:

  • The form (which is attached) is due by the last day of classes each semester, but you can turn it in anytime before then!  Get it done early!
  • Don’t forget to get a letter from the sponsoring organization confirming that you participated!  Your hours don’t count without this!

Here are some resources to help you get your hours: 

  • Subscribe to the volunteer listserv and receive a weekly email detailing all of the upcoming opportunities both on campus and in the surrounding community.  To subscribe to the listserv, email and write "subscribe volunteer-l" on the first line of text (that's “subscribe volunteer-lowercase L” and no quotes).
  • Pick up a Volunteer Newsletter which details upcoming volunteer opportunities at the beginning of each month in the OSA, UU 217. 

Don’t understand or need more help?  Just ask Ali Batansky, the Community Service Grad Assistant!

How To Request a Towson Email or Listserv
There are two different email options available to student organizations: Email Alias or MajorDomo Listserv.

To request an email alias:

When should I use this?
When the list of recipients is fairly small (5 or below).  All recipients must use a Towson email account. 
This is a great communication device for use outside of the organization.

How do I get one?
Go to the SGA office (UU 226) and pick up the “Student Organization Email Request” form or print it from  Be sure to have it signed by your advisor before you bring it in!  

Then what?
OTS will contact you to finalize the request.

To request a majordomo listserv:

When should I use this?
This is normally used
when the list of recipients is fairly large (above five) and can include a mixture of students, faculty, staff, and external (non-Towson University) addresses.  This is a great communication device for use within the organization.   It acts like an email alias, so if your organization’s listserv is & you have 20 members signed up, all 20 members will receive the email.  

How do I get one?  
To request a MajorDomo distribution list, contact the OTS Help Center with:

  • Towson e-mail address and phone number of requestor 

  • Owner of list (name and e-mail address), if other than requestor 

  • Distribution list name (ex. CGS-l {that’s a lowercase L & is required}) 

  • Do you want the e-mail alias option? (so that mail can go to rather than 

  • Short description of list (50 words) 

Then what?
OTS will contact you to finalize the request.

How To Request a Towson University Vehicle:

There's been a lot of confusion lately regarding using campus vehicles and whom to contact.   There are two different offices dealing with University transportation: University Fleet Services & Student Transportation Services.

University Fleet Services (UFS): 

  • Deals with the reservation of sedans, mini-vans, 10-passenger full size vans, and commercial rental vehicles.

  • These vehicles must be driven by a member of your organization.

  • All drivers must have completed the driver clearance forms and passed the driver training course through UFS

  • After clearance is granted, click here to reserve a University Vehicle

  • Charges range from $.35-$.70 per mile (depends on which kind of vehicle is used)

  • For more information, call UFS at 410-704-2493 or click here to view all guidelines as listed on the website

Student Transportation Services:

  • Deals with the large university shuttles, smaller paratransit shuttles, university chartered buses, and privately chartered buses used for off campus trips.

  • The chartered buses come with a driver, but a larger fee is charged and you may be responsible for paying for meals of the driver.  

  • While using these buses, all students must adhere to the guidelines in the Student Organization Handbook, page 11.

  • For more info, call STS at 410-704-3515 or click here to view all guidelines as listed on the STS website

Have more questions not addressed here?  Email Laura at




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