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101 Fundraising Ideas

Interested in holding a fundraiser but no clue what to do?  This list is a good starting place to get your creative juices flowing and get out there to raise money! 

Fundraising Tips

  • Set goals: do you want to raise $100 or $1000?
  • Look into the ideas of others chapters, organizations, or schools.  Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Check the To Do Calendar.  You don't want to compete with other events on campus!
  • Use local sponsors.  While you raise money, they get free advertising!  (You can't use Coke due to the university's contract with Pepsi).
  • Create a planning committee: No need to do it all yourself!
  • Advertise: Don't forget to use your alumni or academic department!
  • Keep everything so that next time, you'll already be halfway there!
  • Seek donations: Why buy items to sell or raffle when you can have them donated?
  • If you can't get it donated, get it at cost.  Buying wholesale is always cheaper than buying retail.
  • Evaluate: Make note of what worked and what didn't so you can plan better for the future.

Policies and Procedures

All of the policies and procedures regarding fundraising on campus can be found in the Student Organization Handbook which is available online or in the Office of Student Activities, University Union, room 217.  

SGA Budgeted Organizations

SGA Budgeted groups are required to raise funds to cover a percentage of their overall budgets.  Some organizations may have to raise funds because of financial violations. For more information on SGA-related fundraising, contact the SGA at 410-704-2711.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can I reserve a table in the University Union?   

The University Union currently allocates space for four tables a day: two in the first floor lobby and two in the Susquehanna lobby.  Any SGA affiliated or budgeted group or university department may sign out tables at the University Union Information Desk.  Tables may be reserved for only 2 days within the same week.  All tables must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

2.  What are the restrictions on using the University Union tables?

First floor tables may include information, baked goods, candy grams, and similar items.  Those manning the tables must be seated or standing behind their tables.  Second floor tables are for informational materials only.  No items for sale are permitted on the second floor.

3.  What if we want to hold a raffle?

If your organization wants to conduct a raffle, you must obtain a gaming permit from the Baltimore County Office of Licenses and Permits at 410-887-3616. You may be asked to provide your constitution to verify that you are a Towson University organization. The Office of Student Activities can assist organizations with completing this form.  A copy of the gaming permit must remain on file with the Office of Student Activities until the raffle is conducted. 





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