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African Diaspora Club                                                                                                      TU Box 4024

The African Diaspora Club (ADC) at Towson University celebrates and positively portrays diverse cultures of Africa, by encouraging and supporting academic excellence, building community, promoting networks, being engaged as global citizens and fostering life-long ties to Africa.

Black Student Union
TU Box 4003
Recognized as the 2002 Hoke Smith outstanding organization, the Black Student Union is a prestigious, practical and purpose driven organization that is concerned with providing dynamic social, cultural, political and educational events for the betterment of the African American community at Towson. Since its beginning in the late 60's the BSU has persevered and has come to represent the symbol of pride, power and promise for the African American students at Towson University.

Caribbean Student Association
TU Box 4006
The CSA was founded to create a support group among Caribbean students here at the university. The CSA is also designed to complement and expand community knowledge and appreciation of Caribbean culture. In conjunction with these efforts we promote academic achievement, community service, and most importantly cultural diversity.

Chinese Student and Scholar Association                                                                                                                          


Queer Student Union (QSU)
Winner of the SGA's Platinum Award for student involvement, the Queer Student Union is a driving force on campus for awareness, activism, community, education, and student support. Working with the LGBTQ and allied populations requires a dynamic understanding of students' diverse perspectives and situations.  Since it's creation in the 80's QSU continues to deliver the enrichment that allows students to grow and develop in the college environment.  Through programming and action QSU has galvanized into a potent and diverse organization run by and for students.  QSU is proud to watch LGBTQ and allied students become strong, developed, and empowered persons.

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated                                                                                                                                                   Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated is the largest and fastest growing Latina based organization with a multicultural membership. We are an academic, cultural, service, and social organization dedicated to promoting the empowerment of women in higher education. Our primary goal is to promote our evolving and diverse cultures by sharing it with others through our five principles.

Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.                                                                                             

Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to community service, academic excellence and heightening community and cultural consciousness. The organization's specific purpose is to Support Women In Need of Growth. Support, which facilitates the attainment of goals that are necessary for personal and professional growth. The programmatic thrust of this organization is scholarship assistance and collaboration with other organizations sharing a common interest.  Today, SWING has over 50 active graduate and undergraduate chapters throughout the USA and a commitment to affecting social change, consciously uplifting women of color and being on the front line in regards to community involvement. We realize that as conscious African American Women, we are an integral part of our communities. We accept our responsibility as Sisters With Interest Never Gone.





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