Event Planning Checklist for Student Organizations

Come Up With An Idea
What do you hope to accomplish?
    What population will your event or activity attract?
    Does the event reflect your groups vision? If not, what are some downfalls or benefits to this?
    Would this event benefit only Towson University interests? Are other schools encouraged to attend?
    Is this a charity or fundraising event?

Choose a Tentative Date
What other events are going on this week? Is there a conflict?
    Is the day or date appropriate for the event? (i.e. is it feasible to have a Towson University cookout during the holy season of Ramadan?)
    Does this date give you enough time to plan and/or fundraise?
    Are their any grants available for this date (i.e. Programs on the Weekend) and do you have enough time to apply?

Reserving a Room
Can you get a room for the tentative date?
    What process do you have to go through? How much time would this process take? 

Is the event cost effective?
    If it is a fundraising event, will it yield a desirable profit?
    If costs are too high, is there a possibility of bringing in a group to co-sponsor the event?
    If co-sponsoring, how much is each group willing to give of their budgets toward the event?  How much of the profit is each group entitled to?
    If your group is budgeted, make sure you talk to Miss Pat Cutrell to confirm that you have enough money to pay for the event.
    As you continue planning your event, make sure you secure all entertainment contracts, keep all receipts, etc.

Meet With Your Event Manager
Events and Conference Services will assign you an Event Manager that can help you set up of the room.

Review Policies and Rates
Decide what additional needs you have (i.e. technical requests, parking, food, gaming permits, alcohol requests, etc.)

If you are having Black and Gold cater your event, make sure you contact them in advance to choose a menu.
    Can you afford to pay for the food you requested?

Click here for a printable version of the Event Checklist.





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