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Special Interest Organizations

Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                           The purpose of Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity, Inc. is present a Christian alternative to the students and or faculty on college/University campuses, to minister to the needs of the whole person spirit, soul, and body and to promote an attitude of academic excellence among its' members. We host several events each year including weekly bible studies, prayer circle community service endeavors and social events. 

Anime Club
This group is involved with the viewing and analysis of Japanese animation. We also try to discuss the impact of Japanese animation into our culture.

Best Buddies
TU Box 4086 - College Buddy Director
This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of people with mental retardation by providing opportunities for socialization and employment. They establish purely social, one to one friendships between college students and persons with developmental disabilities.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
Office of Student Activities
(410) 704-2070
CAB is the programming board of the Student Government Association, and it plans most of the entertainment and special events that take place on campus. CAB is also responsible for the planning of Tigerfest – a huge day of music, food, games, and fun – every year. There are nine different programming areas and endless ways for students to become involved. Committees include: Cultural, Coffeehouse, Special Events, Comedy, Lectures, Concerts, Daytime, Public Relations and Membership. General meetings are held at 1 p.m. on Fridays. Please check out our website for information on getting involved and for upcoming events!

Christian Science Organization
Campus Ministry Office, Union Bldg                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We are an organization that is a part of the Christian Science church which turns to God through prayer for all of our needs.

College Democrats                                                                                                                                        UU 202B, TU Box 4063                                                                                                                                              (410)704- 5047                                                                                                     

The Towson University College Democrats is an SGA Affiliated group, a part of the College Democrats of America, and are allied with the Progressive Democrats of America.  We are currently the largest and most active political organization on campus. We hold weekly meetings where we discuss our role in political life and how we can make our voices heard. Aside from meetings, we are constantly working to organize the campus around the Democratic cause by engaging our membership in political activism.

College Libertarians of Towson
TU Box 4113
As Libertarians, we believe in individual rights, personal responsibility, and less government intervention, both domestic and foreign.  We support such things as marriage equality, gun rights, cutting taxes, unabridged free speech, and ending the war on drugs.  Sound interested?  Want to learn more?  We meet every Thursday at 6:30 PM in room 306 of the University Union.  All are invited to attend.

College Republicans
TU Box 4011
The College Republicans are actively involved in bringing speakers to campus, helping out political campaigns, going on trips, and discussing many current issues. All are welcome; it’s a great way to get internships and build your resume!

Dance Team
(410) 704-3410

Economics Society

The Economics Society is a society for Towson University students who are Economic majors, considering enlisting in the major, or just interested in economics.  Our purpose is to create a closely-knit network for people interested in Economics while providing them with academic, professional, and social activities.  We wish to build up interest and camaraderie among economics students, and to make available resources that will help you get the most out of the department’s offerings.  We meet at least once a month throughout the semester.

Groove Crew

The purpose of the club is to create a stronger breakin presence at Towson University, and to showcase the many styles of this dance.  This club shall also educate the people of Towson in exactly what breakin really is.

Homecoming Committee
Office of Student Activities
(410) 704-3307
The Homecoming Committee coordinates the annual celebration held in October. In conjunction with other campus departments, traditional events such as Royalty Competition, tailgating, and Yell like Hell are planned along with new events each year.

Infinite Praise Ministries                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A multi-faceted ministry. Our purpose is to spread Gods word through a choir, dance, sign language, spoken word and drama. We are..."A ministry dedicated to worshiping God in Spirit and In Truth through our gifts, talents and lifestyles on a daily basis. WE ARE INFINITE PRAISE WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!!"

Marching Band
Music Department
(410) 704-5549
This spirited group of musicians participates in community outreach activities and performs at Towson University athletic events.

Pom Squad
TU Box 3438
The Towson Poms Squad’s goal is to support and encourage Towson’s athletic teams through pom dance, as well as to build and involve Towson’s community in school spirit with crowd participation.

Sigma Rho Delta                                                                                                        Department of Dance
We are a co-ed service fraternity whose main interest and passion lies in dance.  We engage in many activities throughout the year such as attending performances at the Kennedy Center, taking master classes, and much more.  We organize an end of the year concert as well as our end of the year formal. 

Sign-Up Club
TU Box 4045
Sign Up Club is dedicated to supporting students in learning American Sign Language. We provide access to deaf event and promote Deaf awareness on campus.

Student Government Association
UU 226
(410) 704-2711

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the representative governing body of undergraduate students authorized by the administration of the university. Working jointly with students, faculty, staff, and administration, the SGA is dedicated to improving students’ academic, social, and cultural environments. Beyond pro-actively pursuing this goal, the SGA also approves and governs student organizations and their budgets. Organized as an executive branch, directors, representatives, and its legislative body, the Senate, the SGA’s 36 student officers work diligently to better the Towson University community.

Students for Environmental Awareness 
TU Box 4098

SEA is an organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness on campus by developing environmental projects and taking action in related events.  It also provides many environmental service opportunities, such as tree plantings and stream clean ups.

Students with Children


SGA Box 4111

T-Unit is a student organization that is designed to promote school spirit in all athletics. We go to all home football games, as well as at least one away game per season. Along with going to every game, as a T-Unit member, you get priority seating at football and basketball games, free food, and you meet people with whom you'll have a lot in common. Join us and become a part of the roar of the tigers as we grow the tradition at Unitas Stadium and the Towson Center. We will make Tigertown feared!
                                                                                                                                       Towson Campus Greens                                                                                                                                                                                        The Towson Campus Greens are a group of progressive students working to effect change with respect to the university's trade record, attitudes towards gender equality on campus, local labor concerns, voter registration and related electoral issues.

Towson Energy Activists

SGA Box 4103   and

Towson Energy Activists is currently running the Campus Climate Challenge to completely eliminate Towson University's contribution to global warming and to make our campus a model for sustainability for the rest of society. We will do this by working with the administration to implement clean/renewable energy and conservation policies on the TU campus.


SGA Box 4004
Towson PROLIFE is a single issue group focused on providing the Towson University campus with information on the abortion issue.  Towson PROLIFE forms their principle philosophy based on the scientific certainty that human life begins at fertilization or conception (be it artificial or natural).  Thus, we believe that any attack on innocent human life from its beginning is unethical.  We take no position on the prevention of the uniting of sperm and egg.  Once fertilization, i.e., the uniting of sperm and egg, has occurred, a new life has begun and we are opposed to the destruction of this human life.

University Residence Government (URG)
TU Box 4062
URG is the main governing body for the residence hall building council and represents the resident student population. Our office is located in Glen Complex Tower C.

VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood at Towson University or

VOX is dedicated to educating and inspiring a new generation of young adults to advocate reproductive freedom.  VOX allows students to speak out for comprehensive sex education, reproductive rights and access to reproductive health services.  VOX seeks to educate the campus community about the threats to reproductive choice and mobilize students in support of reproductive rights.





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