i.L.E.A.D. Certificate

The i.L.E.A.D. Certificate is a non-academic award designed to give students an opportunity to earn recognition for their leadership efforts on and off campus. The certificate is open to all Towson University students. Apply to join the Fall 2014 iLEAD Certificate Class now!

All participants will have access to leadership workshops, resources, conferences and trainings, as well as participate in self-reflection and documentation of their leadership experiences. Upon completion of the Leadership Certificate, students will be recognized at the Student Affairs Leadership Awards ceremony in May and receive their Leadership Pin and Certificate.

This leadership journey will help you connect with other Towson students, build your leadership skills, and be a great addition to your resume! Apply now!


How do I earn the certificate?

Students must attend 12 leadership workshops over the course of four semesters: three Core, three Electives from any department or organization on or off campus, and the remaining six must be Student Activities-sponsored leadership skill workshops.

Core Workshops:

  1. StrengthsQuest
  2. Cultural Competency 101
  3. Civic Engagement


An elective can be any leadership development activity/program/conference/workshop that teaches leadership skills in some capacity. Some examples include LeaderShape, Retreat for Social Justice, RA Training workshops, Fraternity/Sorority sponsored worshop, etc.

Student Activities Leadership Workshops

iLEAD workshops will take place throughout the semester, and are open to all students. The calendar can be found on the left side of this website, labeled "Events Calendar."

Students must also complete the Experiential Component.

Exceptions may be made for students who need more time due to study abroad, student teaching, or other time-sensitive circumstances.

What is the Experiential Component?

The Leadership Certificate is not just about learning new skills in a workshop or program; it’s also about putting those skills to use. This component gives participants an opportunity to connect what they’ve learned in workshops with real life Leadership in Action (LIA). They will reflect upon current leadership positions/roles and give examples of leadership experiences they’ve had that relate to what they’ve learned in their workshops and programs.

A student must complete a total of 4 reflections and observations.


How do you keep track of everything?

All leadership workshop tracking is the responsibility of the participant. Record your attendance for each program, workshop, conference, etc., and then complete the necessary Reflection Form after each experience.

How do I get started?

Apply to join the Fall iLEAD Certificate now! Complete this registration form, email it to Beth Steiner, and then you can start attending workshops. Call or email with any questions!

Necessary Forms

All workshop participants will need the following forms:



Leadership in Action


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Email: studentactivities@towson.edu
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