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Student Affairs Committees

Membership and goals for each of the Division of Student Affairs Committees can be found below.

Staff Development Committee

The goals of the Staff Development Committee are:

  • Create opportunities for divisional staff to build a sense of team, increase communication, share information, build moral and update knowledge and skills.
  • Make recommendations on ways to recognize achievements of staff members
  • Create social opportunities designed to build and enhance community on campus.


  Matt Lenno (Chair)

Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life

  Kasey Serdar Therapist, Counseling Center
  Alison Ginder Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Patrick Chachulski Testing and Technology Coordinator, Disability Support Services
  Kelly Clark Residence Life Coordinator, Housing $ Residence Life
  Christina Olstad Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
  Donald Walker Assistant Director, Residence Life
  Gail Schley Finance Associate, Housing & Residence Life
  Tiffaney Kuhn Assistant Director of Student Personnel and Development, Campus Recreation Services
  Sue Auzmendi Administrative Assistant I, Center for Student Diversity


Eating Disorders Outreach Committee

The goals of the committee are to:

  • Increase awareness and attention to the issues of eating disorders and body image issues on college campuses
  • Enhance and increase programming efforts on campus around these issues, addressing the range of Eating Disorder related issues (eating disorder behaviors, nutrition, exercise, body image/self esteem) and the diversity of students on campus
  • Involve Student Affairs offices and Academic Affairs departments in the prevention of eating disorders and body image issues and promotion of positive messages around food and beauty
  • Produce campus-wide marketing campaigns and passive programming to increase student awareness of these issues
  • Promote three national events Love Your Body Week, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and National Nutrition Month
  • Involve students in efforts in order to gain students’ perspective of best practices and provide opportunities for leadership and service


  Kasey Serdar (Chair) Therapist, Counseling Center
  Kerry Ballek Dietician, Dowell Health Center and Dining Services
  Lisa Simmons-Barth Assistant Director, Residence Life
  Marie Lilly Associate Director, Center for Student Diversity, Women's Resources
  Kim Shifren Professor, Psychology
  Christa Schmidt Director, Counseling Psychology Graduate Program, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Student Affairs Assessment Committee

The Goals of the Assessment Committee are to:

  • Establish a standard and consistent assessment across the Division within programs and services;
  • Facilitate the development and assessment of learning outcomes for programs;
  • Assess how students are benefiting and learning from programs and services;
  • Provide information for planning and decision-making;
  • Develop quality assurance measures for programs and services.

 The Roles of the Assessment Committee are to:

  • Centralize resources and logistical assistance for conducting assessment;
  • Provide leadership and consultative guidance to departments and individuals;
  • Provide leadership for periodic review of departments and programs;
  • Serve as a liaison between departments and StudentVoice personnel;
  • Provide assistance to the departments within their cluster that are conducting assessments;
  • Help to develop a positive attitude toward assessment within the division.


  Teri Hall (Chair) Assistant Vice President, Campus Life
  Karen Oppenheimer Assistant Director, Disability Support Services
  Chris Jensen Director, Leadership and Civic Engagement
  Jamie Fenton Clinical Director, Counseling Center
  Ryan Kane Director, Student Conduct and Civility Education
Jayson Schablik Assistant Director, Residence Life
  Santiago Solis Senior Director, Center for Student Diversity
  Beth Steiner Assistant Director of Student Activities, Student Activities
  JR Rathjens Associate Director, Programming and Assessment, Campus Recreation Services
  Katie Dauka Coordinator for New Student Programs
  Jayne Holzinger  
  Calvin Smith Coordinator, Fraternity and Sorority Life


Student Affairs Tech and Web Development Committee

The Goals of the Tech and Web Development Committee are to:

  • Bring together divisional representatives to collaborate and share ideas concerning technology.
  • Serves as the division technology resource
  • Provides training and guidance on web architecture and web analytics.
  • Identifies ways to best use technology to communicate with and serve students.
  Bonnie Lingelbach Business Manager, Division of Student Affairs
  Derek Long (Co-Chair) IT Support Specialist, Housing & Residence Life
  Crystal Tenan Assistive Technology Specialist
  Bob Farmer Manager SCS, Office of Technology Services
  Spencer Bennett Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Kurt Anderson Student Government Association
  Mesha Byrd AmeriCorps* VISTA, Cherry Hill Projects
  Jayne French Administrative Assistant, Center for Student Diversity
  Julie Hightower Career Counselor
  Barbara Neal Assistant Director, Business and Administrative Services, Housing & Residence Life
  Greg Primrose (Co-Chair) IT Coordinator, Division of Student Affairs
  Chris Rindosh Coordinator for Student Organizations, Office of Student Activities
  Kelli Remo Associate Director, Health Center
  Nathan Sharer Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center
  Matthew Wynd Director, Information Technology Support Centers, Office of Technology Services
  Vicki Young Executive Administrative Assistant, Campus Life
  Grady Sheffield Director, Campus Recreation Services


Division of Student Affairs Diversity Committee

The goals of the Diversity Committee are:

  • Explore the concept of the "Multiculturally Competent Student"
  • Determine the types of programs, policies and interventions needed to prepare students to fully engage as members of a Multicultural Society.
  • Acclimate and educate student affairs staff on the models of multiculturalism and cultural competency to promote the integration of these concepts into their daily work to support student development.

  Spencer Bennett
Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Seana Coulter Assistant Director and Career Counselor, Career Center
  Calvin Smith Coordinator, Fraternity and Sorority Life
  Joan Maze Director, African American Student Development, Center for Student Diversity
  Robyn McCray Senior Disability Transition Specialist, Disability Support Services
  Lisa Reagle Director, New Student Programs
  Sam Konig Director, Hillel
  RJ Canning Assistant Director, Competitive Sports
  Patrick Young Coordinator, Veteran's Services
  Sheila Graham Assistant Director for Consultation and Diversity, Counseling Center
  Aaron Barnes Pre-Doctoral Intern, Counseling Center
  Lisa Simmons-Barth Assistant Director, Residence Life
  Cara Brennan Student Representative


Healthy Campus Committee

The goals of the Healthy Campus Committee are:

  • Promote a healthier campus environment through health risks and needs assessments and policy recommendations
  • Plan, coordinate and implement collaborative programs, interviews, and strategies to improve health and well being of the campus community


  Kerry Ballek Chartwells
  Donna Cox Health Science
  Elizabeth Crusse Nursing
  Greg Reising Counseling Center
  Allison Frey Counseling Center
  Jonathan Gains Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
  Jane Halpern Health Center
  Larry Holbrook Environmental Health and Safety
  Grad Sheffield Campus Recreation Services
  Laurencia Hutton Rogers Health Science
  Jennifer Moxley Kinesiology
  Lisa Simmons Housing & Residence Life
  Tiffany Bryant Wellness center
  Margie Tversky Athletics


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Committee

The goals of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Committee are:

  • Help shape University policy regarding sexual assault;
  • Develop and implement programs directed toward raising awareness regarding sexual assault, such as risk reduction, the relationship between sexual assault and substance abuse, available campus resources, dating violence, and how to help a friend;
  • Coordinate prevention efforts across departments and academic disciplines;
  • Develop more passive educational materials regarding sexual assault and to disseminate them through various mediums (i.e., brochures, on-line resources, posters, etc.); and,
  • Develop and implement protocols to provide support services to anyone in the University community who is a victim of sexual assault.


  Ryan Kane(Co-Chair) Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Maria Wydra(Co-Chair) Counseling Center
  Cara Jones Women's and Gender Studies Department
  J.P. Javier-Wong New Student Programs
  Tiffany Kuhn Campus Recreation Services
  Matt Lenno Fraternity and Sorority Life
  Marie Lilly Women's Resources, Center for Student Diversity
  Meg Richmond International Student and Scholar Office
  Debbie Seeberger President's Office
Mothyna James-Brightful Turnaround
  Antwaine Smith Athletics
  Kia Williams University Police

Substance Education Concerns Committee

The goals of the Substance Concerns Committee are:

  • Serve as Towson University's coordinating committee for alcohol and substance related issues.
  • Review and evaluate the overall message about alcohol consumption, education and prevention programming
  • Recommend actions, strategies and policies.


  Jana Varwig (Co-Chair) Student Affairs
  Dirron Allen Student Activities
  Donna Cox (Co-Chair) Health Science
  Jerry Dieringer Housing & Residence Life
  Allison Frey Counseling Center
  Bernie Gerst Public Safety
  Teri Hall Campus Life
  Jane Halpern Health Center
  Elaine Lawton Baltimore County Alcohol
  Matthew Lenno Fraternity and Sorority Life
  Jim McTygue Event & Conference Services
  Lisa Reagle New Student Programs
  Emily Sears Counseling Center
  Grady Sheffield Campus Recreation Services
  Antwaine Smith Total Tiger Program
  Greg Reising Counseling Center
  Margie Tversky Athletics
  Kia Williams Public Safety

Veterans Concern Committee

The goals of the Veterans Concern Committee are:

  • Identify and advocate for the issues of student veterans on campus
  • Identify current and potential difficulties veteran students face
  • Give voice to those issues in front of administration.


  Patrick Young (Chair) Veterans Services
  Angela DeVito Admissions
  Barry Evans Acadmic Affairs
  Joan Harrison College of Business and Economics
  Glenda Henkel Career Center
  Cheryl Mannon Enrollment Services
  Pam Mathias Event & Conference Services
  Joan Maze African American Student Development
  Tracy Miller Academic Advising
  Robert Rook History
  Bob Schwartz Facilities Management
  Nathan Sharer Counseling Center
  Jana Varwig Student Affairs
  Derek Long Housing and Residence Life






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