Sport Clubs

Campus Recreation offers more than 30 sport clubs for students who want to participate in competitive sports. All sport clubs are organized and led by Towson University students. Intensity and participation level of clubs varies. Clubs actively compete locally, regionally, or nationally against colleges and universities.

TU Rugby Club vs. Salisbury Rugby Club

All you need to participate in a Sport Club is your TU OneCard and current health insurance. Sport Clubs is advised by Campus Recreation professional staff, along with student supervisors. Each club is run by elected student officers who choose the direction of the club.

Sport Clubs Offered

All Star Cheer
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Field Hockey
Figure Skating
Flag Football
Men's Basketball
Men's Ice Hockey
Men's Lacrosse
Men's Rugby
Men's Soccer
Men's Ultimate Frisbee
Men's Volleyball
POM Squad
Women's Basketball
Women's Ice Hockey
Women's Lacrosse
Women's Rugby
Women's Soccer
Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Women's Volleyball

How to Join a Sport Club

Want to join a Sport Club? Have questions about a particular club? First, fill out this interest form.  Once the Competitive Sports office receives your response, your information will be provided to the club you are interested in. Someone from the club will be in touch, and can provide details on the club. 

Sport Clubs Frequently Asked questions 

What is the difference between a sport club and a varsity athletic program?

All sport clubs are student-run. All clubs are organized and led by Towson students. While varsity athletic sports are funded by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and compete in the NCAA, Sport Clubs are funded by the Student Government Association and funds raised by each club.

What is the difference between a sport club and intramural sports?

Sport Clubs compete against other universities at both on campus and off campus locations, while intramural sports teams play on-campus against other Towson students. Both programs accept players of all skill levels.

Are there tryouts for sport clubs?

Some clubs choose to conduct tryouts while others do not. When tryouts are held, the specific club will field multiple teams, allowing each individual an opportunity to participate with the club. Club officers, in accordance with the club's constitution, determine the tryout process. 

How much does it cost? 

Costs vary for each club, depending on club activities. Once you are connected with a club, you can inquire about the potential costs associated with the club.

How are Sport Clubs funded?

Sport Clubs are funded by the Student Government Association. Individual clubs are allocated funds by the Sport Club Council, and all clubs in good standing have the option to request funding. Any financial support gives is to be looked upon as a subsidy, with the remaining costs being paid by the club members and/or the club's general account. Clubs raise money through fundraisers, alumni donations, and membership dues.

How do I start a sport club?

Please contact the Sport Club Coordinator at 410-704-3679 to set up a time to learn the entire process of starting a new Sport Club. 

Who is eligible to participate in Sport Clubs? 

Most full-time undergraduate, fee-paying students are eligible for full participation*.

Those eligible for limited participation in our organization include:

  • Part-time undergraduate fee-paying students
  • Graduate fee-paying students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Coaches

Limited participation excludes members from the following:

  • Voting on club business
  • Holding office in the club or Sport Club Organization
  • Receiving allocated funding as an individual
  • A signed liability waiver and valid TU OneCard must be presented to be eligible for participation in Sport Club activities.

NOTE: Students in the Freshman Transition and English Language Center programs may NOT participate in games, travel or practice with Sport Clubs.

Is any experience necessary?

No experience is necessary, and there is no limit to the amount of clubs you can join. However, some clubs are very competitive and have extensive schedules. If you are not interested in this level of competition or commitment, you can consider participating in Intramural Sports.