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How can I stay in touch with my student while they are abroad?

Cell Phones/
Land Line Phones

Most US cell phones will not work abroad. It is usually less expensive to purchase or rent a cell phone from local providers in the host country, than to purchase a universal cell phone in the US.

Students can also consider using land lines to be in touch with people at home. If your student is staying with a host family, be aware that they may only be able to use the phone at certain times of the day and may be required to pay for personal phone calls.

Developing an email schedule may be better for the both of you. At times phone calls can seem rushed with no lasting conversation. Emails give both of you time to prepare what needs to be said and what information needs to be exchanged.
Skype is a new and free way to stay in touch with your student. It is an online service that allows you to talk to your student free of charge through your computer. In order to use this service, you and your student must set-up an online account and have a microphone attached to your computer.
Regular Mail
One way to help combat homesickness and to keep in touch is to write letters to your student. Having a letter to read and re-read can be a treasured gift that your student can also save as a memento of their time abroad.

IMPORTANT: Being in constant contact with friends and family can lead to increased homesickness and may contribute to a student not engaging fully with locals and the local culture.It is a good idea to know the time differences between you and your student. Developing a time chart can help both you avoid calls at unreasonable hours.


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