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What is my first step in planning for study abroad?
The first step is to attend an information session. We recommend that you start planning at least a year in advance. After the meeting you can make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor to continue planning for study abroad.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Costs vary depending on the program you choose and length of stay. Exchanges cost the same as tuition for a semester and/or year at Towson University (excluding travel).

Can I use financial aid and scholarships to help pay for study abroad?
YES!! All federal financial aid (FAFSA) and most scholarships can be used for study abroad. Your award will be based on your study abroad costs so you may get more aid than you do for a regular term at TU. Special scholarships are also available. Please visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid section of our website for more information..

Where can I study overseas?

There are study opportunities worldwide.

What can I study overseas?
Students may select courses in their major, minor, and/or choose to take (most) GenEds and electives.

Will the classes I take abroad transfer to TU?
YES!! All courses taken through Towson University Study Abroad administered programs (including exchanges) and affiliated programs will be posted to your TU record. You will complete a Study Abroad Course Form before departure to determine how courses will apply to your TU degree.

Will the grades I earn abroad count in my TU GPA?
Letter grades for all courses taken abroad through Towson University Study Abroad administered programs (including exchanges) and affiliated programs will be posted to the TU record using the Transfer Grading Basis but will not be calculated into the Towson GPA. (Exceptions: Grades will be calculated into the TU GPA for TU faculty-led programs and the TU Summer Internship Program).

Can I study abroad for my last 30 credits at TU?
YES!! Students may study abroad during the final 30 credits of their undergraduate degree. However, each academic department requires a minimum number of major credits to be completed in residence at TU; exceptions may be made at the discretion of the department chair.

When can I study abroad?
Students interested in studying abroad for a semester or more are encouraged to go during their junior or senior year but sophomores may also be eligible. You may study abroad in your final year or semester. Anyone can participate on TU short-term faculty-led programs during the summer, Minimester, and Spring Break. Opportunities for graduate students are also available.

Where will I live overseas?
Each study abroad program offers students living accommodations which may include dormitory housing, apartments, home stay, hotels, or bed and breakfasts.

How do I get started?
Review the programs and exchanges listed on our website and attend an information session. Sessions are held Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. in the TU Study Abroad Office on the 4th floor of the Psychology Building. After attending a session you can make an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor who will help guide you through the process.

In general, what are the deadlines for applications and scholarships?

You should plan to have your applications complete and returned to the Study Abroad Office by October or March of the semester before you want to be away.

Did we answer your question?

You are always welcome to speak with an advisor who may help to answer your questions in more detail. You can visit our office in the Psychology Building, 4th floor, call (410) 704-2451, or email us at with other questions you may have.

Study Abroad Office
Rm. #408, Psychology Building
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 410-704-2451
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