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Although we hope that all TU students will have a safe and healthy overseas experience, it is important to recognize that there are a number of health and safety concerns related to study abroad. The Study Abroad Office staff is always available to assist with student concerns. However, students must remember that they hold the ultimate responsibility for ensuring their safety abroad.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators has assembled a list of responsibilities that each student should consider before studying overseas. The full report ' Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health and Safety' includes a list of recommendations for parents of students studying abroad.

The following is a brief summary of the student responsibilities outlined in the report. Study abroad participants should:

  • Attend all pre-departure orientation sessions.
  • Read and consider all printed materials related to health and safety concerns in the destination country.
  • Research the political, economic, and cultural context of the destination country before departure.
  • Reflect on individual health concerns (physical or mental) and consult all necessary medical experts to determine appropriate care while overseas.
  • Purchase international health insurance if going on a non-TU program. Students going on TU study abroad programs will automatically be registered for health insurance for the duration of their program with CMI.
  • Provide family members, program staff, and TU Study Abroad staff with accurate emergency contact information.
  • Comply with all codes of conduct and emergency procedures of the study abroad program.
  • Obey all host-country laws.
  • Behave respectfully and encourage others to behave in a similar manner.
  • Avoid all illegal drugs and exercise moderation when consuming alcohol.
  • Consistently inform program staff of individual whereabouts.
  • Become familiar with the medical and legal services available in country.
  • Accept responsibility for individual decisions and actions.

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