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TU in Italy at the American University of Rome, Italy

"Go into this with an open mind. Try to make friends with everyone in this small but close-knit school but also try to widen your group of friends and meet the locals - they know the best (non-touristy) places to go and are what make this experience different from home."

"Remember - nothing can prepare you for it and nothing will make you forget it!"

"Go out to eat as much as you can. Go to the local places where no English is spoken. The food is 10 steps above the rest and it's cheaper than McDonalds in the U.S.!"

"Really explore deep down into Rome. Don't just see tourist sites. Rome is a magical city...use the fact that you live there to your advantage. Be a things Romans do, see things Romans see."

"Great professors - most of whom have a compelling reason for teaching in Rome which carries over to their teaching."

"The four months I spent in Italy were by far the best of my life. I learned a new language, a new culture, a new life."

"Learn as much Italian as possible before you go."

"The most desirable aspects were the on-site classes, small school, field trips, and Italian students."

"Go with an open mind. Mix with the locals. Don't take things for granted and read up on culture shock."

"I learned more about myself, I learned more about other people, I have a better perspective of the world - it was the best experience of my life."

"Soak up as much Italian culture as soon as possible, use as much Italian as you can, utilize and get to know the city intimately because only then will it feel like home."

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