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As of the 2013-2014 Catalogue, the Acting Track has been replaced by the BFA in Acting. This page is offered fas an informational resource for those students currently enrolled in the track under a previous catalogue.

Acting TrackThe Crucible

The Acting Track is for students who are serious about pursuing acting as a career and committed to training for the rigor and discipline of professional theatre.

The Acting Track is a developmental sequence of classes. Each class builds on the work of previous classes and classes may not be taken out of sequence. No student is guaranteed advancement or completion of the Acting Track. Students must have the permission of their acting instructors at each level before advancing to the next level.

The Acting Track goes beyond the minimum requirements for a general degree. Students may switch tracks at any time during their course of study but should check with an adviser to see if it will prolong their studies.

Transfer students who intend to pursue the Acting Track must present a placement audition for the faculty. This audition will determine the student's placement in the sequence of performance classes. Students must have their transcripts evaluated by the Department of Theatre Arts chairperson and an agreement will be placed in the student files with the resulting waivers of courses taken previous to Towson. They will then begin in the track where advised by the Coordinator of the Acting Track.

The performance-based electives are courses at both lower and upper levels that are not a formal part of the Acting Track, and include department specialties. Performance-based electives are open to all Theatre Arts majors (regardless of Track designation) who have the appropriate prerequisites for a given class.

Required Courses (18 units)

THEA 105 Movement for the Actor (3)

THEA 110 Acting I for Acting Track (3)
THEA 111 Voice for the Actor I (3)
THEA 202 Acting II (3)
THEA 322 Voice for the Actor II (3)
THEA 335 Movement for the Actor II (3)

Crew Requirements (4 units)

THEA 492 Acting Crew (1)
THEA 497  Running Crew (1)
and two from the following list:
THEA 494 Scene Crew (1)
THEA 495  Lighting Crew (1)
THEA 496  Costume Crew (1)
THEA 498  Administrative Crew (1)


THEA 205 Theatre Games (3)
THEA 231 Mime and Physical Theatre Techniques (3)
THEA 245 Makeup Design I (3)
THEA 246 Makeup Design II (3)
THEA 261 Acting for Musical Theatre I (3)
THEA 262 Acting for Musical Theatre II (3)
THEA 301 Techniques of Comedy (3)
THEA 302 Intermediate Scene Study (3)
THEA 308 Voice and Movement Integration (3)
THEA 309 Acting III (6)
THEA 312 Shakespeare (3)
THEA 315 Advanced Scene Study (3)
THEA 332 Mime and Physical Theatre Styles (3)
THEA 423 Advanced Study in Movement Theatre (1-9)
THEA 425 Advanced Study in Acting Style (1-9)
THEA 487 Professional Theatre Seminar (1-12)
THEA 489 Senior Acting Seminar (3)
THEA 493 Advanced Study in Theatre (1-9)

Department of Theatre Arts
Center for the Arts, Room 3037 (map)
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 410-704-2792
Fax: 410-704-3914



Alumnus and Tony Award recipient John Glover visits campus each year to work with students.

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Coordinator of the Acting Track:
Peter Wray







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