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Building Councils

What is a Building Council?

A group of residents within a building that work together to create a community where they live.  This group meets weekly and becomes the pulse of their respective residence hall.  Through collaborative programming, innovative ideas and a lot of laughter, this council creates a welcoming home in every hall. Of course, they receive funding to aid them in their endeavors.

What is the purpose of a Building Council?


A. To provide social, philanthropic, and educational programs to residents;
B. To serve as the voice of the residents within their building at URG General Assembly meetings;
C. To advance the Mission and Vision of URG within the respective building.

Building Council Officers

An individual Building Council consists of Building Representatives, (one for every 100 residents of each building/ building group) a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

Also included are active members (an unelected postion).

What is the GA?

GA stands for General Assembly.  The GA happens every Tuesday at 7pm, wherein the Building Representatives (from every hall), Executive Board members, and general audience members converge to interact and discuss hall/ campus-wide programming endeavors, as well as residential concerns.  











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