Application Deadline Date: May 31, 2015

The goal of the Charlotte Newcombe Scholarship Program is to support students 25 and older in the completion of a first bachelor's degree so they can advance their careers after graduation.

Before completing this application, please make sure to visit http://www.towson.edu/womensresources/scholarship.asp for more information on the Newcombe Scholarship Program Requirements.

*Are you currently a Newcombe Scholar?

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Part time (6-11 credits)
Full time (12 or more credits)

Part time (6-11 credits)
Full time (12 or more credits)


*Please note that you cannot receive two tuition-specific scholarship awards, which when combined, equal an amount greater than tuition. Hence, if you are awarded another tuition-specific scholarship award (i.e. Osher Reentry Scholarship) you may be ineligible for the Newcombe Scholarship award.

: (All must be checked)

Students, aged 25 or older.

Pursing a first bachelor's degree.

Bachelor's candidates must have completed at least 60 credits.

All candidates must have a GPA of at least 2.5.

Applicants must complete an online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at U. S. Department of Education's secure Web site, http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/. In step 6 of the FAFSA, list Towson University (code 002099).

I will not be receiving reimbursement from my employer specifically for tuition.

I do not have a tuition waiver or other form of tuition-specific award or aid. This includes the Golden ID program.

Program Requirements:


  1. If you are selected as a recipient, you are required to sign the “Foundation Scholar Release Form” before receiving the award. This form, which the Development Office will contact you to complete, gives the TU Foundation Office permission to release information to the donor about scholarship recipients. If you do not wish to sign the release form, your Newcombe scholarship will be cancelled. Information will not be shared with the donor regarding non-recipients.
  2. Recipients will be required to write a Thank You letter to the Newcombe Foundation describing how this award will impact their educational and career goals. Failure to honor this requirement may result in forfeiture of the award.
  3. Students must agree to comply with the program requirements outlined in the “Scholarship Agreement Form”. For first year recipients of this award, these requirements include:
    1. Meet one-on-one with the Associate Director of Women’s Resources at least once a semester
    2. Attend the monthly Peer Support Group for Mature Students four times (twice a semester)
    3. Attend one Career Development Event

I have read and agree to all of the items listed above.

Required Attachments:


1. Please provide a brief statement that addresses why you have chosen to return to school, what you are studying, and your intended career goal after graduation. (250 words maximum)*



2. Please identify any barriers that you have faced in pursuing your degree and how admission into the Charlotte Newcombe Scholarship Program will help you overcome these barriers. (250 words maximum)*



3. (OPTIONAL ATTACHMENT) If you are experiencing unusual personal or family hardship, please explain why you should be considered for an award greater than an amount equal to tuition. Be prepared to provide documentation to support your statement (i.e. medical bills, child care expenses, etc.) Provision of supporting documentation does not guarantee that you will be granted an award of any amount; however, failure to provide supporting documentation will disqualify you from consideration for an award amount greater than tuition. (250 words maximum)


Notes on Recipient Selection:

  1. Each year, the program selects a cohort of approximately 30 Newcombe scholars.  Eligible new members of the cohort are selected based on three overall components: (1) financial need, (2) other extenuating life situations that create additional need and (3) clarity of career goals. 
  2. This award is intended to cover less than the full cost of tuition.  At the Selection Committee’s discretion, awards may exceed tuition for recipients that can demonstrate and document unusual expenses related to personal or family hardship.  Since this award is primarily intended to cover tuition expenses, students with tuition waivers or other tuition-specific aid or awards are not eligible for the Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship.

Please direct questions concerning the Newcombe Scholarship to Mahnoor Ahmed, Associate Director for Women's Resources in the Center for Student Diversity or 410.704.2051. Please write “Newcombe” in the subject line.

By submitting this, I certify that I meet the criteria for the Newcombe Scholarship and that I agree to adhere to the Program Requirements:

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