Academic Coaching

The AAC defines academic coaching as a one-on-one student interaction with a coach, helping students recognize and achieve their academic goals and reach self-efficacy in a safe space. Students should seek academic coaching in order to identify and work to remove the barriers to their academic success.

Requesting Coaching

Individual appointments can be scheduled for academic coaching. Students are encouraged to observe their own learning process. Increased proficiency in fundamental skills is achieved by exploring the student's strengths and by applying the appropriate techniques recommended by learning theorists. All students are welcome.

If you are interested in receiving academic coaching, consider your various options.

Academic coaching really helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.”


Additional resources

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

This assessment looks at areas of skill, will and self-regulation. These areas can be further broken down into:

  •          Selecting main ideas
  •          Testing strategies
  •          Information processing
  •          Concentration
  •          Time management
  •          Self-testing
  •          Study aids
  •          Attitude
  •          Motivation
  •          Anxiety

This information provides a basis for improving learning and study strategies. No computer knowledge is required. For additional information about the LASSI tool please see the Overview of Learning and Study Strategies Inventory.


 The StrengthsQuest™ assessment helps students identify how to use their talents in order to succeed in their coursework. By understanding their specific learning strengths, students can take greater control over their academic future. If you are interested in understanding your 5 tops talents and how to apply them to perfecting your academic progress, request academic coaching, today.