Test Administrator Instructions

While ACCUPLACER© tests are administered at many colleges and learning centers, Towson University has specific procedures that the university requires when administering the reading placement test.

Before Administering the Test

  • Verify student identity by checking a photo ID card and notification email
  • Explain your procedures for restroom breaks
  • Explain that the reading placement test is multiple-choice and untimed
  • Tell students to raise their hands when finished the test
  • Ask students NOT to close the test score report after reading it
  • Inform students they should not leave their computer until after you speak with them

Before Students Are Seated

  • Go to the ACCUPLACER© website (www.accuplacer.org)
  • Go to Tools and turn off pop-up blockers
  • Enter username (sent by email) and password (sent by email)
  • Click on LOGIN
  • Click on Administer Test
  • Click on Administer New Test Session
  • Select test battery from the Branching Profile's drop-down box (student's test battery will be noted in the confirmation email)
  • Click on Administer Test

If you experience technical issues administering the test, please click on System Requirements to see if the workstation meets "Pass" for all categories or call 1-866-607-5223.  System Requirements link is located on the ACCUPLACER® Login screen and the Administer Test screen. 

Starting the Test

  • Direct student to read ACCUPLACER® System Student Privacy Policy before clicking on accept.
  • On the Student Information screen, direct student to type in their Towson University I.D. number and complete other information in the required fields.
  • If ACCUPLACER® testing page does not start, please contact ACCUPLACER® Help Desk at 1-866-607-5223.

After the Test

Print score report and give it to the student.  Some students are eligible for a retest according to our Retest Policy.  Students must request permission to retest in writing to .  If approved, students will be emailed a confirmation to retest.

Troubleshooting the Test

If the screen freezes during the exam, contact ACCUPLACER® Help Desk.
If the computer stops working or “seems” to stop working, do the following: Check the status bar at the bottom of the screen to see if there are two windows open - sometimes students alt-tab over to the wrong window.

If the problem is not the wrong window, close the exam screen (you should return to the testing options page), choose Manage Open Test Sessions, enter student's I.D., first and last name, and perform search. The test will resume at the point the student left off.
If you have difficulties with usernames or passwords during the testing session, please call 410-704-2291 or email from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekdays.