Remote Testing

Towson University offers the reading placement test on campus by appointment. If your commute is greater than two hours, you have an option to take the test at a college closer to you. Schedule the testing session AFTER you have received your remote confirmation e-mail.  It generally takes 2 -3 business days to process your remote testing request.  Thoroughly read the below instructions.

Finding a Testing Center

It is your responsibility to find and contact the testing center of a college close to you. After calling an area college, do the following:

Identify yourself as a Towson University student who needs to complete the ACCUPLACER® reading test, inquire about the fee (charges are your responsibility) to use their facility, get the test administrator's contact information.  Inform the test administrator at the college or learning center that the TU AAC will e-mail them the ACCUPLACER® instructions.
Next email the TU Academic Achievement Center, , the following:

Your name and birth date (example: 01/22/1920)
Your phone number and current mailing address to include zip code
Your TU identification number
Your email address

Test administrator's name
Test center's name and full mailing address to include zip code
Test center's email address
Test center's phone number

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to take the test until the test administrator receives our ACCUPLACER® instructions. It generally takes 4-5 business days to process your remote testing request.  Contact your test administrator after you have received your email confirmation to schedule a test date.

Can’t Find a Local College to Administer the Test?

If you are unable to locate a college contact a Sylvan Learning Center. Inform the learning center that if they agree to administer the ACCUPLACER® testing, our office will e-mail instructions directly to the test administrator.

Do NOT Contact these Institutions

The following institutions DO NOT test students from other colleges:
Adelphi University, Berkeley College, Hofstra University, Montgomery College (Germantown and Rockville campuses), Northern Virginia Community College, Onondaga Community College, Prince George's Community College, and UMUC.
The Sylvan Learning Center located at 12 Alfred Street, Woburn, MA.

Information for Your Remote Testing Day

What to Bring

In order to take your remote reading placement test you will need the following:
Your remote confirmation email (IMPORTANT—be sure to identify yourself as a Towson University student so they don’t accidentally administer the wrong ACCUPLACER test)
A photo I.D.—you will not be allowed to test without it
Several pencils and/or pens

What NOT to Bring

Do NOT bring your own scrap paper; it will be provided for you and collected from you at the end of the test. If you are not given scrap paper when seated, ask for it.

After the Test

Your test scores and placement results appear on the computer screen at the end of your testing session. Ask the test administrator to print the score report and give you a copy.
If you did not receive a copy of your score report, contact the Academic Achievement Center at 410-704-2291. There is no need to send us a copy of your score results; we have access to the ACCUPLACER® score report.

Read the Retest Policy to see if you qualify for retesting. If you qualify for a retest, please email . For further explanation of your score results, read the Test Score Information page.