Schedule a Testing Session

Scheduling Information 

Cook Library, Towson University
Cook Library

Before You Schedule Your Test

Please check the Exemptions from the Reading Placement Test page to be certain you need to take the test. Do not schedule an on-campus testing session if you requested to be tested remotely. See the Remote Testing page if you live more than two hours from Towson University.

How to Schedule Your Test

To schedule your reading placement testing session, fill out this schedule a test form.
New testing dates are generally updated during the first week of the month.

You will be able to better prepare yourself for the online test after you have read how the reading placement test is structured.

Read about the Reading Placement Test.

Prepare for the Reading Placement Test

The College Board  has practice tests to help your review and prepare for your upcoming test. 

 Practice  and prepare for the reading placement test.

What to Bring to Your Test

  1. Your notification e-mail
  2. A valid photo ID—you will not be allowed to test without a photo ID

How to Find Your Testing Location

To obtain directions to the testing location and area parking facilities, please see the "Towson University Map."

Parking Information

If you do not have a Towson University parking permit, you must purchase a parking receipt from a pay station. The cost for parking is $2.00 per hour (parking on Saturdays is free).

Pay Station Locations

  • For the Towsontown Parking Garage—the pay station is located on the left side of the visitor’s booth.
  • For the Union Parking Garage—the pay station is located at the end of visitor lot 11.
  • For Auburn Drive (close to the Towson Center)—the pay station is located at the end of visitor lot 13 (you will find this visitor lot after making a right from Osler Drive).

Inclement Weather Policy/Emergencies

If the university is closed due to inclement weather or an emergency during your scheduled test time, that particular test session will be canceled. It is the responsibility of the student to sign up for a different test session.