The Academic Achievement Center provides tutorial support in many lower-level courses for undergraduates. These services help many students succeed in the classroom.

Tutorial services are provided free-of-charge and depend upon the availability of a qualified tutor. Students are assisted on a first-come, first-served basis and are provided group appointment-based or group drop-in tutoring, depending on the course. Group tutoring appointments are scheduled weekly and limited to four students for up to one appointment per week, per course. Sessions are held in the AAC (fifth floor of the Cook Library) and other approved campus locations. Spring tutoring begins on February 5th!

Schedule Tutoring

For courses with group appointments, schedule your tutoring session by using TutorTrac™ at least 24 hours before the desired day and time. If you cannot attend, cancel the session by using TutorTrac™. We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. More than two  cancellations less than 24 hours or missed appointments, will result in being unable to schedule future appointments during the semester.

Preparing for Tutoring

When you arrive for your tutoring session, please come prepared with your course syllabus, book and specific questions. Tutors will assist but will not do your work for you.

Class attendance is imperative. Always discuss course difficulties with your instructor first. Use the AAC as a secondary resource.

When You Arrive

  • Type in your Towson ID into the log-in computer 
  • Choose the reason you are visiting and the course with which you need help

After Your Session

  • Type your Towson ID number into the log-in computer
  • Select the name of the tutor with whom you worked

About Tutoring

  • Bring appropriate course textbooks, class notes, and returned tests or quizzes to your sessions. Be prepared to identify and discuss course difficulties.
  • Tutoring sessions can be cancelled if you are not prepared.
  • TU faculty recommend all peer tutors. Your tutor will help you understand significant course concepts, develop problem-solving strategies and suggest study strategies.
  • Your tutor may not be able to answer all questions.
  • Your tutor will not complete or assist with homework, project, writing and research assignments.
  • Your tutor will contact you and the center if an absence is anticipated. Tutors will also provide a make-up session if time permits.
  • If you no longer need tutorial assistance, or drop or withdraw from a course, please inform your tutor and the AAC immediately. Other students may be waiting for help.
  • Your feedback is very important to us. We expect you to evaluate our services after the final exam period.

Tutoring Policies

  • Students can only receive tutoring for subjects that correspond to the TU classes for which they are currently enrolled.
  • Tutors will not tutor material covered in classes missed by the student.
  • Students are able to schedule one appointment per week per course for select business, economics, liberal arts, math education, and music courses. Appointments may have up to three students.
  • Students unable to attend their appointments should cancel the appointment online, in person, or by phone at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. More than two missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours, will result in being unable to schedule future appointments during the semester.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot allow students to bring children to tutoring sessions.
  • Cellphone use is prohibited in the AAC. Phones should be turned off or set to vibrate prior to entering the AAC.