Computer Science

This center is located in the 7800 York Road Building, Room 403. During the fall and spring semesters this service is available on a walk-in basis.  During the summer an appointment is necessary.  It is free for Towson University students.  Working with our tutors will help you gain the ability to solve problems, both small and large from a broad perspective.


Ms. Stacy Nicholson
Mr. Sam Houston
(for online tutoring requests)


CIS Tutoring Labs

Course Tutoring Specifically Offered at this Center

Computer Science Courses

  • COSC 109 (Flash / Web Pages)
  • COSC 111 MS-Office (Applications)
  • COSC 175 General Computer Science
  • COSC 236 Computer Science I
  • COSC 237 Computer Science II
  • CIS 334 Data Org
  • COSC 336 Data and File Structures