Study Strategies

In addition to our scheduled workshops and academic coaching, online resources are available. These resources are links to materials that include video or printable versions of our presentations and copies of handouts. If you are not able to attend a session, this is great way to be able to review the material on your own.

Apps and Technology

Description Resource
Top Apps for Studying and Taking Notes PDF Presentation (PDF)
10 Apps all Students Need to Know  PDF Presentation (PDF) 

Exam Preparation and Test-Taking

Description Resource
Take Tests with Less Stress! Test-Taking Strategies  PDF Presentation (PDF)
 Preparation Tips for Short Answer Questions  PDF File (PDF)
Preparation Tips for True/False and Matching   PDF File (PDF)
Preparation Tips for Multiple Choice Questions   PDF File (PDF)

Goal Setting and Time Management

Description Resource
SMART Time Management Strategies PDF Presentation (PDF)
Time Management Tips PDF File (PDF)
Goal Setting Worksheet PDF File (PDF)
Time Management Schedule PDF File (PDF)
Time Analysis: How Do You Spend Your Time?  PDF File (PDF)
Assignment Tracker PDF File (PDF)
Assignment Planner PDF File (PDF)
24-Hour Weekly Calendar PDF File (PDF)
Course Assignment Calendar  Excel File (EXCEL)

Math and Science Study Strategies

Description Resource
How to Study for Science PDF Presentation (PDF)
Get Formulas that Work! Study Strategies for Math and Accounting 

PDF Presentation (PDF)

Memorization and Concentration

Description Resource
Train your Brain: The Art of Remembering Information PDF Presentation (PDF)

Note Taking

Description Resource
Selecting a Note-Taking Method that Works for You!  PDF Presentation (PDF)
Four Different Note Taking Methods PDF File (PDF)
Strategies for Taking Notes on a PowerPoint Lecture PDF File (PDF)
Tips for Taking Notes PDF File (PDF)
Shorthand Examples PDF File (PDF)

Preparation for Finals

Description Resource
Stop Procrastinating! How to Prepare for Finals PDF Presentation (PDF)
Blank Calendar PDF File (PDF)
Final Exam Schedule PDF File (PDF)
How to Calculate your Grade  PDF File (PDF)


Description Resource
Planning and Completing Presentations PDF Presentation (PDF)

Science Workshops

Description Resource
Algebra Skills for Achievement in Science PDF File (PDF)
How to Succeed in Biology (Without Really Trying) PDF File (PDF)
Writing Lab Reports  PDF File (PDF)
Using and Understanding Significant Figures PDF File (PDF)
Problem Solving and Conversions  PDF File (PDF)

Science Handouts

Description Resource
Algebra in Science PDF File (PDF)
Calculator Information

PDF File (PDF)

Textbook Reading and Understanding

Description Resource
Read it. Understand it. Apply it: Active Reading Strategies PDF Presentation (PDF)
SQ4R Sample Sheet PDF File (PDF)