Consultation, Training & Resources

Technology Accessibility Training for Towson Faculty, Staff and Students

For technology accessibility training information, dates and times, please see the OTS workshop calendar.

Towson University Disability Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Disability Advisory Committee is to help create an inclusive, welcoming campus environment that meets the needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities at Towson University.

The key roles of the Committee are to:

  1. Assess the campus environment and climate for accessibility that provides equal opportunity for participation in Towson University programs, services and events;
  2. Serve as an advisory board regarding recommendations and resources for meeting the needs of persons with disabilities at Towson University;
  3. Ensure key administrators remain informed of emerging disability issues on campus that may warrant policy changes;
  4. Foster collaboration across divisions/departments/units to promote an inclusive, welcoming climate and achieve appropriate accessibility;
  5. Promote educational programs and training to increase disability awareness and understanding of disability-related issues.