Consultation, Training & Resources

University Accessibility Advisory Committee

The purpose of the University Accessibility Advisory Committee is to help create an inclusive, welcoming campus environment that meets the needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities at Towson University.

The Key Goals Are:

  • Assess the campus environment and climate for accessibility that provides equal opportunity for participation in Towson University programs, services and events;
  • Serve as an advisory board regarding recommendations and resources for meeting the needs of persons with disabilities at Towson University;
  • Ensure key administrators remain informed of emerging disability issues on campus that may warrant policy changes;
  • Foster collaboration across divisions/departments/units to promote an inclusive, welcoming climate and achieve appropriate accessibility;
  • Promote educational programs and training to increase disability awareness and understanding of disability-related issues.
Lauren Evens, Chair Inclusion & Institutional Equity
Nathan Barker Human Resources
Patricia Bradley Inclusion & Institutional Equity
Brent Davis Office of Technology Services 
Karen Eskow College of Liberal Arts
Bob Giordani Office of the Provost
Ashley Hoover General Counsel & Legal Affairs
Gerald Jerome College of Health Professions
Barbara Menges Human Resources
Pamela Mooney Parking & Transportation Services
Elizabeth Neville College of Education
Andrea Parrish College of Education
Sara Slaff General Counsel & Legal Affairs
Susan Willemin Accessibility & Disability Services
Matt Wynd Office of Technology Services 


Digital Accessebility Subcommittee

As part of the University Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Digital Accessibility Subcommittee will work on digital accessibility issues.

The charge is to consider digital accessility tasks and challegens including:

  • forming recommendations for the President's Cabinet on digital accessibility topics affecting the amjority of campus
  • drafting policies regarding digital accessibility
  • confirming updates to the Towson University Accessibility Strategic Plan prior to publishing to the university website
  • participating in high level planning for digital accessibility standards expressed by the University System of Maryland
  • participate in information gathering and response to any university level official digital accessibility complaints


  • Matthew Wynd, Chair
  • Jackie Durbin - UMC
  • Shaunna Payne Gold - Provost
  • Greg Primrose - SA
  • Arthur Smith - SPAR
  • Dave Vatz - Athletics
  • James Brandenburg - UA
  • Lauren Gates - UA