Technology & Information Accessibility

Towson University Public Website Accessibility
Towson University is developing both objective accessibility standards for its public website and a better perspective on the applied needs of audiences who use technology adaptations when interacting with website content.

TU’s home page and website page templates are built to Section 508 web accessibility standards. The Office of Technology Services (OTS) uses PowerMapper site accessibility reporting software to identify and help repair section 508 issues on the university’s 18,000+ content pages.

Top-level and business-critical legacy videos on our public website are either closed captioned or include a link to a transcript. Campus video production departments are closed captioning all new top-level video projects. 

A concurrent project is underway to review PDF files published to Towson’s public website for accessibility issues.

Towson University provides training to assist TU public website contributors in understanding accessibility standards and how to achieve them when posting content. TU website contributors have started a large audit project to update any existing Section 508 issues on our site.

Towson University website visitors who are having trouble using an adaptive technology with our site are asked to send an email with the page’s web address and a description of the problem to .

Online Course Accessibility