Inaugural Committee


Teresa Hardin ’94, Office of the President

Steering Committee


Matt Durington, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Jennifer Gajewski ’93, Office of the President

Taylor James ’17, Student Government Association

Sonia Lawson ’85, Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Louise Miller '10, University Marketing and Communications

Tom Maronick, Department of Marketing

Bethany Pace, Office of the Provost

Lisa Simmons-Barth, Housing and Residence Life

Dan Slattery, Auxiliary Services

Robin Walczak, Graduate Studies

Frances Washburne, Development

Ceremony Subcommittee

Bethany Pace, Chair

Cassy Bennett '09/'12, Office of the President                                   

Tom Cascella, Theatre Arts                                        

Mary T. Casterline '88, Office of the Provost                              

Phillip Collister, Music

Marina Cooper, Office of the President                                 

Hillary Giddings '11, Office of the Provost                                    

Dan Leonard '98, Office of Fair Practices                                     

Margaret Paulson '11, Alumni Relations                                       

Thom Ruby, Bursar's Office                                        

Heather Sorensen, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Ashley Todd-Diaz, Special Collections & Archives                                       

Logistics Subcommittee

Dan Slattery, Chair

Susan Brown '95, Event & Conference Services

Sue Fata, Event & Conference Services                                  

Nick Gingue '12, Facilities Management                                       

Brandon Holley '08, Event & Conference Services                                     

Jim McTygue, Event & Conference Services                                         

Pam Mooney, Parking & Transportation Services                               

Bill Murphy '98, Event & Conference Services                                            

Derek Nord, Event & Conference Services                                            

Robert Novak, University Police                               

Rod Petrocci, Dining Services                                    

Frank Rankin, Event & Conference Services                                         

Ruth Evelyn Schmidt, University Store                                    

Adam Weaver, Event & Conference Services

Matt Wynd, Office of Technology Services                                        

Marketing Subcommittee

Josianne Pennington, Chair

Ashley Arnold, University Marketing & Communications

Lauren Gates '10, Office of the President

Alyssa Caccia, Office of the President                   

Christine Collins, University Communications and Media Relations                                          

Jackie Durbin, University Marketing & Communications

Ray Feldmann '77, University Communications and Media Relations

Erica Green '09/'16, University Marketing & Communications     

Nick Mello '13, University Marketing & Communications

Rick Pallansch, Creative Services

Libby Rector, University Communications and Media Relations

Daryana Rudenko, University Marketing & Communications

Ron Santana, Creative Services

Sponsorship Subcommittee

Louise Miller, Chair

Jennifer Gajewski

Frances Washburne