TIGER Way, the Transfer, International, Graduate Enrollment Resource Initiative, will support the entire student population, especially our non-traditional transfer, international and graduate students as they launch into college life and studies at TU. 

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TIGER Way is one of eight presidential priorities that are linked to and aligned with Towson University’s strategic plan. These eight priorities will help us build a stronger foundation for Towson University’s promising future.  

TIGER Way Final Report

Fall 2019

As the Tiger Way Initiative comes to a close, we are pleased to report that much has been accomplished and that we will continue to build on the foundation of Tiger Way with additional plans to further enhance the student experience at Towson University.

In brief, the Transfer Student Center opened in January 2019 and two new staff positions were created for evaluating and advising transfer students.

For international students, international scholarships were tripled to $240,000 a year, admissions processes were streamlined to encourage international applications, the website and Salesforce communications were upgraded and improved, and TU led in the formation of the Maryland International Education Consortium.

At the graduate level, graduate assistantships have been increased $1,000 each of the last two years, with a third increase planned for fall 2020. In addition, an additional 10 assistantships were created in Academic Affairs, a number of programs have begun creating online sections of existing courses, and a number of new programs have been created and are in the curricular pipeline. 

Spring 2019 Update

The following documents provide May 2019 updates on TIGER Way action items: 

September 2018 Update

The Task Force prepared and submitted the following executable action items to the president in March 2018:

January 2018 Update

At the first meeting of the TIGER Way Task Force on September 6, 2016, President Schatzel gave the committee its charge:

  • to audit best practices for recruiting/supporting Transfer, International and Graduate students
  • to audit TU’s current practices to identify shortfalls and to be able to prioritize areas for improvement
  • to propose an integrated plan to recruit and provide needed support to these student populations

The TIGER Way Task Force and its three subcommittees — Transfer Student, International Student and Graduate Student — met every other week throughout the 2016-17 academic year. The following reports and executive summaries were submitted to the president. 

The task force prepared executable action items for submission to the president in March 2018.