Admissions & Financial Assistance Advisory Committee


Membership of the Admissions and Financial Assistance Advisory Committee:

  • 6 faculty elected, no two from the same college;
  • 1 undergraduate student, appointed by the SGA president;
  • 1 graduate student, appointed by the GSA president;
  • ex officio: the Director of University Admissions, the Director of Financial Aid, the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Diversity.

Voting Members

Name Department College Term Expiration
Elizabeth De Coster Library Library 2021
Sergiy Borodachov Mathematics FCSM 2020
Yingying Shao Finance  CBE 2021
Kalin Kirilov Music COFAC 2020
Meghan Liebfreund Elementary Education COE 2019
Doug Pryor Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice CLA 2019


Name Department
Dave Fedorchak Director, University Admissions
David Horne Director, Financial Aid
Santiago Solis Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Diversity


  1. To inform the University Senate and campus units about changes to admission and financial aid policies and their expected effects on student performance in the classroom.
  2. To advise the University on policies regarding the admission of undergraduate students, especially in the following areas: innovative admission programs to attract students and to enhance the image of the University; policies to reaffirm the commitments of the University to academic excellence and inclusion; policies to recruit students with special talents.
  3. To advise the University on policies regarding institutional aid programs, within the limits allowed by applicable law and by various rules to which the Unviersity has voluntarily agreed to adhere.
  4. To encourage and review studies related to the quality of entering students, causes of failure, voluntary withdrawal, and similar concerns, which may be relevant to admissions policies.
  5. To assist with the coordination of all forms of institutional aid programs across different units of the University.
  6. To review all cases referred to the Committee and to make recommendations to the Director of Admissions for consideration in making final decisions in specific situations.
  7. To provide an annual report to the University Senate.