Council of University System Staff

Attend Council of University System Staff (CUSS) meetings and provide information about USM policies and issues that affect TU as a USM university.

TUSC Organization

TUSC represents the following areas:


  • Academic Affairs (4)
  • Administration and Finance (4)
  • Student Affairs (2)
  • University Advancement (1)
  • Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research (1)
  • Executive Division (2)
  • University Marketing (1)

Job categories:

  • Exempt staff (4)
  • Non-Exempt staff (4)
  • Contingent staff (1)

Representation on TUSC is computed as follows:

  • From 1-99 employees= (1) representative
  • From 100-249 employees= (2) representatives
  • From 250-499 employees= (3) representatives
  • From 500+ employees= (4) representatives

Academic Affairs

  • Mary Cowles, College of Fine Arts and Communications
  • Theresa Jenkins, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dale Schmertzler, College of Education

My career as an administrative assistant at Towson University began in 2004 with a position in the College of Education. The primary focus of my responsibilities is with the graduate programs and includes a variety of activities involving prospective and current students, faculty and administrators. It has been my pleasure to offer support to the college and I have very much enjoyed working with everyone in the Towson University community. I am pleased to be a member of the Towson University Staff Council (TUSC) and hope to promote the value of staff employees through this association. 

  • Ginger Ross, College of Fine Arts and Communications:  Department of Art + Design

As a Towson Alumna and Towson native, I feel very fortunate to have returned to Towson University in 2006 to work in my original college. My extensive customer service background in the corporate world and Art degree made me the perfect fit for student relations. I have served as the TUSC secretary for several terms and continue to support the current secretary.  Currently, I am the Academic Program Coordinator for the Department of Art + Design. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve on the council for these past many years.  

Administration and Finance

  • Deniz Erman, University Store
  • Carol Green-Willis, Office of Technology Services
  • Rachel Morgan, Financial Affairs
  • Andrew Rosenblum, Parking Services

Executive Division

  • Bria Bennett, Athletics
  • LaVern Chapman, Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity

I am a Towson alum (Communications & Education) and a Baltimore native.  Prior to returning to Towson in 2012, I was with UMD in College Park for over 10 years where I directed career services programs for undergraduates, MBAs and international students.  I also served on the Campus Equity Council as a member of an advisory group to the campus President, providing leadership in the articulation and development of policies and procedures for the campus community.

I have been a teacher within the Baltimore City Public Schools and facilitated workshops for military personnel transitioning to the civilian workplace.  I am excited about the trajectory of Towson & honored to serve on TUSC and enriching the personal and professional growth of its constituents.


  • Tasha Benn, Career Center
  • Joel Herbert-Edwards, Office of Technology Services
  • Conor Reynolds, Development
  • Margot Van Den Berghe, Axillary / ART Services


  • Mary Hickey, College of Fine Arts and Communications

My association with TU is a long-standing one, both as an employee and as a student. As a staff member, my career started 18 years ago as a contractual employee working for the Associate Director in the University Bookstore. I became a regular employee shortly thereafter as the Customer Service supervisor. Six years later I accepted a position in the Graduate School working on the organization and management of graduate student records. In December 1999 I took an administrative assistant position in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies.

  • Cynthia Zile, Division of Administration and Finance, Financial Services

Contingent Staff


Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research

  •  Tracy Jacobs, Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research

University Advancement

  • Barbara Czajkowski, Development

I have been working at Towson since August of 2000. I started in the University Store as a part-time cashier. In March of 2001 I transferred to the Development Office as an Administrative Assistant under the division of University Advancement. I have supported the Director of Special Events which gave me the opportunity to interact with many other departments on campus. I have supported almost every Director in the Development Office at one time or another. Both of my sons graduated from Towson. What can I say -- I really enjoy working at TU and love helping TUSC in their endeavors.

University Marketing

  • Ashley Arnold, Digital Strategy