Each Towson University Staff Council member is elected from their respective division or classification, so that all areas of the university have representation. 

TUSC members

Executive Board

Council Members

Division of Academic Affairs

Member                Department Term Ending
 Mary Cowles     College of Fine Arts and Communication, Deans Office  6/19
 Theresa Jenkins College of Liberal Arts  6/20
 Ginger Ross College of Fine Arts and Communication, Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education  6/21                                
 Dale Schmertzler College of Education, Teaching (M.A.T.)  6/21           

Division of Administration & Finance

Member                     Department Term Ending
Deniz Erman University Store 6/19
Carol Green-Willis Office of Technology Services 6/20
Rachel Morgan Financial Affairs 6/21
Andrew Rosenblum Parking and Transportation Services  6/21                       

Division of Student Affairs

Member Department Term Ending
Judy Rixham Division of Student Affairs, Office of the Vice President 6/19
Grady Sheffiled Campus Recreation 6/20                 

Executive Division

Member                Department Term Ending
Bria Bennett  Athletics 6/21                    
LaVern Chapman Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity 6/20

Division of University Advancement

Member Department Term Ending
Barb Czajkowski Development 6/19                   

Division of University Marketing and Communication

Member Department Term Ending
Ashley Arnold Digital Strategy 6/20

Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research

Member           Department Term Ending
Tracy Jacobs   Division of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research 6/21

Exempt Classification

Member                           Department Term Ending
Tasha Benn                     Career Center 6/21                              
Joel Herbert-Edwards Office of Technology Services 6/20
Conor Reynolds Development 6/20
Margot Vandenberghe Art Services 6/19

Non-Exempt Classification

Member               Department Term Ending
Kelly Crispo Auxiliary Services 6/21
Mary Hickey College of Fine Arts and Communication, Department of Mass Communication 6/19
Jennifer Streb Financial Affairs 6/19
Cynthia Zile       College of Education, Center for Professional Practice 6/20                   


Member               Department Term Ending
Dan Sommerville Division of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research 6/19                   

Council Organization

TUSC represents the following areas:


  • Academic Affairs (4)
  • Administration and Finance (4)
  • Student Affairs (2)
  • Executive Division (2)
  • University Advancement (1)
  • Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research (1)
  • University Marketing and Communication (1)

Job categories:

  • Exempt staff (4)
  • Non-Exempt staff (4)
  • Contingent staff (1)

Representation on TUSC is computed as follows:

  • From 1-99 employees= (1) representative
  • From 100-249 employees= (2) representatives
  • From 250-499 employees= (3) representatives
  • From 500+ employees= (4) representatives