Information for Current Students

Academic Advising for students at Towson who have completed their freshman year is coordinated through the department of their program of study. The Academic Advising Center, located in the Lecture Hall Building above Freedom Square, assists students who are thinking about a change of major or run into academic difficulty.

To ensure that students complete their degree in timely fashion, students are required to meet with their academic adviser each fall and spring term before registration. The adviser can work with the student to ensure that the student is on track and that the courses he or she has selected are the best ones. Often, the adviser can suggest courses that the student might not have considered and can help the student meet post-graduate goals.

Open Majors are advised by advisers in the Academic Advising Center; there are several weeks during the year specifically designated for Open Majors to see an adviser in the Center on a walk-in basis

Students who are designated online as UNKN major receive an e-mail telling them the details.

Students who have questions can e-mail  and get a speedy response to their questions.

Your adviser's name is listed in the Student Center online. If you have questions or concerns, contact your major department or the Academic Advising Center.

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