Finding an Adviser

Academic advisers are assigned to a student at different points in a student’s career at Towson University:

When a freshman enters the FYE program, that student is matched with an adviser whose academic interest meshes with the student’s; Open Majors work with a professional staff person or professional adviser. That relationship lasts the entire year, even if the student declares or changes a major during that year.

Entering transfer students meet with an adviser at the Summer or January Transfer Advising Program and, if an Open Major, receive their adviser’s information at that time. Students who have a major will declare it at the Summer or January Transfer Advising Program; their department will contact them with the adviser’s information.

In general, declaring your major by completing the online Change of Major/Minor form on the Registrar's Office website will signal the your department to assign a major adviser to you. Students are also assigned an adviser for a minor or for a second major, as well.

If you are in doubt about your adviser assignment, please check your Student Center and then contact either the major department or, if you are an open major, the Academic Advising Center.