Academic Intervention for Students

The Academic Intervention program provides experiences for students who have not met Towson University's cumulative grade point average requirements and aims to help them regain satisfactory academic status.

The Academic Advising Center (ACAD) is committed to aiding students who get into academic difficulty. ACAD staff members assist students in developing meaningful personal plans for academic success through:

  • Intensive academic advising;
  • Guidance on using TU's array of support services; and
  • Suggestions to students on how to improve in their areas of academic weakness.

Continuing students placed on academic warning are required to participate in academic intervention activities coordinated or sanctioned by the Academic Advising Center. Students are contacted by mail and through their TU e-mail account. Here are some things that you should know about Towson's academic standing policies!


To remain in good academic standing, students must possess a minimum cumulative GPA based on the calculable grades at Towson University and accepted transfer credits as indicated below:

Units (includes Towson units and Minimum Cumulative GPA accepted transfer credits)

1-29.5 units: 1.50
30-59.5 units: 1.75
60 units and above: 2.00

Students who fall below the level required for good academic standing are subject to the following actions:

1. Academic Warning. The first time degree candidates fail to attain the minimum cumulative GPA required, according to the above table, they receive an academic warning and must receive additional academic advising. They must attain the minimum GPA required by the end of the next spring term of attendance or be academically suspended. If no further action is taken, the notice of academic warning will be removed from the student's academic record upon request of the student and upon graduation. Eligibility for housing, financial aid, and participation in intercollegiate athletics will be determined by the appropriate departments according to their established criteria. In accordance with policy, students who are readmitted on warning must also attain the minimum required GPA by the end of the spring term following readmission or be academically suspended.

( Regardless of cumulative GPA, freshmen and sophomores on academic warning who earn at least a 2.00 term average based on at least 12 units toward GPA will be automatically continued on warning for one term.)

2. Academic Suspension. Students failing to attain good standing in any spring term following academic warning are academically suspended and may not attend the university for one term and the intervening summer/Minimester sessions. If students complete course work elsewhere while academically suspended, they must be in good standing at the school(s) attended and must provide official transcripts from the schools to the Readmission Office at Towson University if they plan to return to Towson. Work remaining to resolve any Incomplete grades may be completed during suspension. Academic suspension is noted permanently on students’ academic records. Students who fail to attain good academic standing at the end of any fall term following academic warning will be allowed to continue their enrollment for one additional term. This Mid-Year Extended Warning will be permanently noted on the student’s academic record. Failure to attain good academic standing at the end of the following spring term will result in academic suspension.

3. Academic Probation. After the suspension ends, students may be readmitted on academic probation, during which time they may enroll for a maximum of 13 units per term. They must also
receive additional advising and may not register without written clearance from the Academic Advising Center. Academic probation is noted permanently on students’ academic records. Students on academic probation have three academic years or 24 earned units toward GPA, whichever comes first, to attain good academic standing. If students attain good academic standing during probation but subsequently fall below the minimum requirements for good academic standing, they will be given a one term exception during which good academic standing must be attained. If they do not, they will be academically dismissed. Otherwise, they are considered to be on academic probation until they have either graduated or are academically dismissed (see below). While on academic probation (not in good academic standing), students may not complete course work elsewhere for transfer to Towson.

4. Academic Dismissal. Students failing to attain good academic standing after the period of academic probation will be academically dismissed. Academic dismissal is a final action and is noted permanently on students’ academic records. Students who are academically dismissed cannot be readmitted to the university in any capacity.