Degree Completion Plan

Individualized Degree Completion Plan:  Your Road Map to Earning a Degree

If you have 45 or more earned credits (transferred plus Towson credits), you must complete a Degree Completion Plan.  A degree completion plan, individualized to your needs, takes into account not only the courses needed but the appropriate sequence and timing of the courses.

To prepare your Individualized Degree Completion Plan:

  • check out Towson’s online undergraduate catalog for the recommended plan of study for your major;
  • review your Academic Requirements Report to see which graduation requirements you have met and which you need to complete; and
  • access the website of your College or Major Department to find information about how to file a Degree Completion Plan with your advisor or academic department.

Your plan is a road map, but can change if your destination (your degree program) changes.  But with your Degree Completion Plan in place you will be able to monitor your progress more easily and accurately. 

Below you will find links to Degree Completion Plan resources offered by the various Colleges and Departments. 

College of Business & Economics




College of Education                                             

Students enrolled in an education program should consult their advisor for information related to the Degree Completion Plan (DCP) process.  Advisors will assist students in completing plans and will lift DCP holds. It is recommended that students consult the catalog for information related to their program prior to meeting with their advisor.