National Student Exchange

Experience college life in a different place for one term or for an academic year!

The National Student Exchange (NSE) Program allows undergraduate students to exchange to member universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Students participate in NSE to access new courses, search for graduate schools or future employment, acquire life skills, and broaden their personal and educational perspectives.

Towson students pay their normal tuition and fees to Towson and room/board fees to the host campus. 

Where Do You Want to Study Next Year?

Advantages of NSE

  • Broaden your personal and educational experiences
  • Explore and appreciate new cultures
  • Take courses not offered at our campus
  • Learn from different professors
  • Explore new areas of study
  • Break out of your comfort zone
  • Expand your academic program options
  • Experience personal growth
    Investigate graduate schools or employment opportunities