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Please follow the instructions below and fill out the Academic Interest Form for the Spring 2019 semester. 

Deadline: December 10, 2018 

Take Your Math Placement Test

Your schedule will not be completed until you have taken the Math Placement Test.  Please take this prior to filling out this form. Details are below.

Freshmen must complete this form in order to be scheduled for classes for their first academic term. Before you begin, we recommend that you review the Core Curriculum courses and their descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. The professional advisors in the Academic Advising Center will register you for your first term based upon your choices and course availability. The courses you are interested in are used as a guide to determine your class schedule, however advisors will first consider prerequisites and requirements for your intended major. Please see the list of majors offered at Towson University and the requirements needed to complete a major.

Schedules will be created in the order received, so for the best selection of classes submit your interest form early and complete your math placement test. If you are not registered for all of your preferred courses, you can take them in subsequent semesters.

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2b. If you are interested in doing scientific research while an undergraduate, click on this link: TU Research Enhancement Program

6. Are you expecting to earn college credit from:

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If you have completed your Associate's Degree, do not list your courses here.  Please make sure your transcripts are sent to Towson University Admissions as soon as possible. If you did not earn an Associate's Degree, please list courses below:
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If the course is still in progress, indicate 'IP'


If you would like to take a Spanish, course, you are required to take a placement test to make sure you are registered for the appropriate class level. Please click here to access the Department of Foreign Languages website and instructions for the placement test.

8. You will be enrolled in either TSEM 102 (Towson Seminar) or ENGL 102 (Writing for a Liberal Education) in your first semester.
Core 1 Towson Seminar
Review the Towson Seminar course offerings and select four different topics.

Core 2 English Composition

You will be registered for either ENGL 102 or TSEM in your first semester.

Core 3 Mathematics

You must take a Math Placement test in order to complete and submit this Academic Interest Form.

The purpose of the math placement assessment (ALEKS) is to ensure your success in your first math course. Please note: completing the placement test will generate a personalized learning module based on your performance. You can then use the learning module to review for your first college class and/or to access a second attempt of the placement test, should you not be satisfied with your score. 

All information about the assessment and access to the online test can be found at: Mathematics Placement Information

If you opt to retake the placement test, please email your new score to .

Every student is required to take a math placement test to determine their appropriate math level and course. While schedules will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis, students will not be enrolled in a math class or a major-related science class until they have completed testing.

If you retake the math placement test, you must email and indicate your new score.

9. Please select a first and second choice for each listed Core Curriculum category.  Freshman take between 12 and 15 credits their first semester.

Core 9 Advanced Writing (Required)
Can be taken once prerequisites have been completed.

Core 14 Ethical Issues and Perspectives:
Can be taken once prerequisites have been completed.