Information for Faculty

The Commencement ceremonies would not be possible without the insitution's extraordinary faculty. 


Lead Marshals 

The dean of each academic college has appointed a Lead Marshal to share information and facilitate communication between the Office of the Provost, Commencement Committee and the faculty and administration of their college.

Grand Marshals 

The Grand Marshal leads the procession of university faculty and graduates while carrying the mace, a ceremonial symbol of authority and independence. Grand Marshals are typically the longest-serving faculty member at the university or in an academic college, and it is considered to be a great honor to be selected for this role. 

Special Role Faculty Members

There are several additional special roles faculty members fulfill during the university’s commencement ceremonies each spring and winter. The lead marshal, in consultation with each college's leadership, nominate or seek volunteers for these special roles.

Faculty Regalia 

Faculty members who participate in the ceremony as part of the stage party or the processional are required to wear academic regalia. Academic regalia can be purchased or rented from the Herff Jones, the university's regalia vendor.  

rental instructions

  • Faculty may rent regalia online beginning October 1 (for Winter) or March 1 (for Spring). An early bird discount is provided for orders placed before November 30 (for Winter) or April 30 (for Spring).
  • Faculty who prefer to order via phone should contact from the University Store at 410-704-4621 to place a rental order by the dates stated above.

rental costs

  before 11/30 or 4/30 after 11/30 or 4/30
Master or Bachelor Gown, Hood, Cap & Tassel $48.00 $73.00
Doctoral Gown, Hood, Cap & Tassel $75.00 $100.00
Master or Bachelor Gown, Cap & Tassel  $25.00 $50.00
Master or Bachelor Hood, Cap & Tassel $25.00 $50.00
Doctoral Gown, Cap & Tassel $37.50 $62.50
Doctoral Hood & Cap $37.50 $62.50
Master or Bachelor Gown $25.00 $50.00
Doctoral Gown $37.50 $62.50
Tam $20.00 $45.00
Cap & Tassel $6.50 $6.50
Black or Gold Tassel $2.50 $2.50

order pickup

  • Once ordered, a representative from the University Store will ensure that your rented regalia is waiting for you at the appropriate location (either the faculty robing room in 117 Towson Center or the Multipurpose Room in SECU Arena based upon your role in the ceremony) on ceremony day.

Instructions for Members of the Faculty Processional

Faculty marshals, student marshals and processing faculty members sit on the arena floor (in front of or next to degree candidates) during the ceremony. 


  • Faculty members who would like to be part of the processional should contact their lead marshal (listed above) or submit their request to their departmental chairperson. The process for attending Commencement varies by college.
  • If you are a faculty member from another college who would like to join the processional in different ceremony in order to participate in a ceremony where a family member is a degree candidate, please contact the lead marshal for the candidate's academic college.
  • A parking permit for Lot 21 (see Commencement Parking mapwill be distributed to you by your college's lead marshal prior to the ceremony. Permits are limited and cannot be replaced if lost. You will not be admitted to the lot without the designated parking pass. Faculty are also encouraged to carpool or considering taking shuttle transportation from the Union Garage or Administration Building.
  • Lot 21 is located across from the Auburn House and by the Child Care Center. Faculty should come in the south Auburn Drive entrance. This is the entrance closest to Stevenson Lane.


  • Please arrive 75 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony and report directly to the faculty robing area (Towson Center, Room 117). The faculty robing room is not secured during the ceremony to store belongings, so valuable items, as well as briefcases and handbags should be stored in your locked vehicle or left in another secure location.
  • If picking up rental regalia, please visit the University Store's regalia station located at the rear of the Towson Center Gym (the floor above Room 117).
  • College lead marshals and commencement staff members will be available upon arrival to check faculty in and assist with robing and processional instructions.  
  • After checking-in at the robing room, faculty members are encouraged to visit the candidate robing room, which is located nearby in the Towson Center gymnasiums (staff will provide directions to this area if needed). 
  • Refreshments are provided for members of the faculty processional prior to each Commencement ceremony. A variety of dietary options will be available.
  • All processing faculty members will  line up for the processional into SECU Arena 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony (9:45 a.m. or 2:45 p.m.).
  • The Commencement procession will begin with the degree candidates at the stated ceremony start time. Faculty process into the arena after the students and just before the stage party. 

Instructions for Faculty Members in the Stage Party

Department chairpersons, program directors, Grand Marshals, VIP marshals, Name Readers, Name Card Presenters and faculty members representing Senate, AAUP or another university entity sit on stage during the ceremony with the President, Provost, Vice-Presidents, Deans and Associate Deans. 


  • A representative from the Office of the President or Office of the Provost will contact you regarding your participation in the stage party approximately 3 months prior to the ceremony to provide preliminary information.
  • A parking permit for Lot 20 (see Commencement Parking mapwill be distributed to you prior to the ceremony. Permits are limited and cannot be replaced if lost. You will not be admitted to the lot without the designated parking pass. 


  • Please arrive 90 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony and report directly to the stage party robing area (SECU Arena, Multipurpose Room). If you've rental regalia, the regalia will be in the stage party robing room. Please do not go to another location to pick up rental regalia.
  • The stage party robing room is secured during the ceremony to store belongings and items such as briefcases and handbags if needed.
  • Lunch and refreshments are provided for members of the stage party prior to or immediately following each Commencement ceremony. A variety of dietary options will be available.