Academic Recognition

The university would like to recognize those students who have achieved academic honors and awards. Here you'll learn about Latin Honors as well as the other academic honors that students have received.

Banner carrier

Award Recipients

Academic Cords

Academic cords signify the achievement of a specific academic honor. Cords are worn underneath the hood of the regalia and serve as visual markers on Commencement day of the various academic achievements these students have earned.

Banner Carriers

Banner carriers are selected by their college associate deans and department chairs to represent their respective academic college, graduate studies, and the Honors College. They are selected based on their academic achievements and extracurricular involvements during their time at TU.

Banner carriers process at the beginning of each commencement ceremony carrying the academic gonfalons which represent the academic college, Graduate Studies, and the Honors College.   

Commissions - Spring 2017 

  • Ross Fields (Medford, NJ) - Active Duty/Field Artillery
  • Bruno Frigerio (Damascus, MD) - Active Duty/Infantry
  • Victor Marquart (Hollywood, MD) - Active Duty/Infantry
  • Joshua McFadden (Aberdeen, MD) - Active Duty/Marketing Intelligence
  • Christopher Moore (Linthicum, MD) - Delaware Army National Guard/Signal Corps
  • Antonina Mudimba (Baltimore, MD) - Army Reserves/Nurse Corps
  • Tyler Shakk (Bowie, MD) - Active Duty/Military Intelligence
  • Simon Wangari (Sparks Glencoe, MD) - Cyberspace Operations Officer/United States Air Force 

Honors College Students

The Honors College at Towson University provides an enhanced undergraduate experience for talented and high achieving students. Graduates of the Honors College have pursued scholarly opportunities such as interdisciplinary seminars and research. Upon the completion of 24 Honors credits, graduates earn the designation of 'University Scholar.' This appears on each graduates’ transcript and diploma.

Latin Honors

Latin Honors will be awarded by college to the top ten percent of the undergraduate students. Eligibility will be determined based on the calculated grade point average of students' final 60 units completed at Towson University. 

Please note that due to Latin Honors being percentage based, recipients will not be recognized at commencement. This designation will appear on the diploma and transcript after the whole class has been graduated.

Soloists and Signers

Soloists and signers are selected by the Departments of Music and Audiology – Speech Language-Pathology and Deaf Studies. They are selected for this honor based on their significant skill sets and/or their contributions to the university.

Tiger Athletics Scholar/Chi Alpha Sigma Medallion

Towson Athletics and Chi Alpha Sigma, the National College Athlete Honor Society, recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity letter winners.  The Towson University Tiger Athletics Scholar/Chi Alpha Sigma Athletics Scholar Medallions are awarded to graduating Towson student-athletes who earn a varsity letter in at least one sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA.  We honor these students not only for their achievements in their sport, but also for excellence in the classroom.  Congratulations to Towson’s Tiger Athletics Scholars.

Winter 2016

  • Shawn P. Flaherty

Spring 2017

  • Matt Golczewski
  • Jacob Ryder
  • John Hulede
  • Tyler Konen
  • Brandon Ress
  • Caroline Reid
  • Morgan Skavdahl
  • Allison Stauffer
  • Bailey Gallagher
  • Jordan Clarke 
  • Kelly McQuilkin
  • Allyson Figalora
  • Zanae Freeland
  • Megan Kelly
  • Megan Knoblock
  • Jasmine Korr
  • Magdalene Rampolla
  • Courtney Rose
  • Brynn Warrington
  • Isabelle Latour
  • Madison Nadeau
  • Olivia Evans
  • Corie Morton
  • Melissa Toy
  • Sophie Lesage