Commencement 2018

Commencement at Towson University is a formal occasion that celebrates academic traditions and the accomplishments of our degree candidates and honorees. 


While a spirit of joy and enthusiasm is encouraged, Commencement is a dignified ceremony and should be viewed as such in dress and demeanor by all participants, including guests. To this end, the university has established guidelines to ensure that Commencement ceremonies reflect the appropriate decorum and ensure the safety of all attendees.


Names Are Meant to be Heard

Names are meant to be heard. At Commencement especially, we ask guests to be kind and courteous when you hear your student's name. For the sake of our faculty. Our friends. For families. For our students. Please be respectful with applause so that all names can be heard at Commencement.

Arena Safety 

The following procedures to maintain safety at major events SECU Arena were established based on a review of TU’s security measures and an assessment of best practices at similar institutions and event destinations across the country.

Bag size limit and bag checks

Guest and degree candidate bags will be checked prior to event entrance, and bags larger than 22 x 12 x 8 inches will not be permitted in the arena (degree candidates should review the policy regarding bag size permitted in the robing room/processional on the Ceremony Day Instructions page). Guests with bags or other prohibited items will not be able to stow their items, and will be asked to discard these items or return them to their vehicle. Boxes that are 22 x 12 x 8 inches will be available at the entrance to the arena for size reference. Prohibited items include:

  • alcohol, food or beverages
  • animals (with the exception of service animals)
  • audio or video recording equipment
  • bags/purses larger than 22 x 12 x 8"
  • Bota bags, wineskins or flasks
  • balloons, confetti, streamers, glitter, fireworks, etc.
  • balls, bikes, hoverboards, roller blades, scooters, etc.
  • cameras with lenses greater than 8"(including monopods and tripods)
  • cigarettes, vapes, etc.
  • containers, coolers, flasks, baskets, etc.
  • drones or airborne devices
  • illegal drugs
  • knives over 3” in length
  • laser pointers, markers, dry erase boards, paint, etc.
  • noisemaking devices
  • open umbrellas
  • sticks or poles, including selfie-sticks
  • weapons (common examples include, but are not limited to: aerosol cans, mace, pepper spray, firearms, including CCW permit holders, pocket knives, knives, spiked bracelets, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, stun guns, and chains)

arena safety

Metal Detection

Handheld metal detectors operated by Safe Management (security staff contracted by the university) employees will be used to check guests, degree candidates, and ceremony participants prior to event entrance. When attending an event, please give yourself adequate time for going through the safety procedures. Get more information on event procedures at Unitas Stadium and campus safety prevention

Policies for Guests

  • Doors open for guests 90 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony (8:30 a.m. for the morning ceremonies and 1:30 p.m. for the afternoon ceremonies). All seating is first-come first -served, general seating. There is no assigned seating in any sections of the arena.

  • Guests should remain in their seats for the duration of the ceremony (approximately two hours).

  • Guests are not permitted to stand on the concourse level to watch the ceremony and will be directed to a seat.

  • Guests may not block the aisles or passageways by attempting to greet or take photos with graduates.

  • To allow for the names of all graduates to be heard by their family members and guests, we ask all audience members to be considerate of other graduates’ guests by providing no more than 3 seconds of celebration or applause for their graduate.

  • Guests who bring or use signs, fireworks, beach balls, balloons, air horns, bells or noisemakers will be asked to leave the arena.