Student and alumni speakers, honorary degree, and special award recipients make each academic college's ceremony a unique and personalized experience for degree candidates and guests. 

commencement speaker 2
Distinguished alumnus Emily Taylor addresses degree candidates at one of the Winter 2017 Commencement ceremonies. 

Each Commencement ceremony features the conferral of degrees, greetings by university, alumni and state officials, and remarks by a graduate and undergraduate speaker. A ceremony may also include the awarding of an Honorary Degree or Distinguished Faculty Service Award.

University Commencement Speaker

Every May, one Commencement ceremony will feature a prominent Commencement speaker from outside of the university community. The ceremony with this notable speaker will be designated as the University Commencement. Although one ceremony will carry this designation, all ceremonies are equally significant. While the University Commencement ceremony can only accommodate graduates and guests of the academic college hosting the ceremony, the University Commencement as with all other ceremonies will be live-steamed from the Commencement homepage on the day of the ceremony.

Distinguished Alumni Speakers

Distinguished Alumnus and Young Distinguished Alumnus award recipients have been recognized for outstanding achievement in their chosen profession or field.  These are the most prestigious awards the Towson University Alumni Association bestows. Distinguished Alumni speakers provide inspirational remarks to our newest graduates and welcome them to the alumni community. 

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. ”


Honorary Degree Recipients

Honorary degrees recognize those who have made profound and enduring contributions to scholarship, culture, and improved quality of life in society at large. Achievements of national or international significance receive the strongest consideration by the TU Honorary Degree Committee. It is important that recipients be persons of great integrity, as the choices we make reflect our values as an institution.

Student Speakers

In recognition of the student experience and excellence demonstrated by the entire class, it is the university's tradition to invite individual degree candidates to give remarks during each ceremony.  Student speakers join a long list of outstanding graduates who have shared their personal journey, perspective and vision for the future at Commencement.

Selection of speakers is made by each academic college and is based upon the extent to which their achievement represents sustained efforts over the course of their academic careers and is an exceptional model for Towson University graduates.