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Appointment to the graduate faculty, according to the following levels and criteria, may be by nomination/recommendation of the department chair or renewal by eligible faculty.

Graduate Faculty

Members are faculty who are eligible to teach courses restricted to graduate student enrollment, serve on departmental graduate committees, chair or serve on graduate thesis and dissertation committees, and who may be appointed to the university’s graduate studies committee. Graduate faculty members hold the rank of assistant, associate, or professor and a full-time academic appointment. Memberships are for a term of five years. Graduate faculty members must demonstrate an active scholarship agenda in their field.

Associate Graduate Faculty

Members are faculty who are eligible to teach courses, restricted to graduate student enrollment, serve on departmental graduate committees, and participate on graduate thesis or dissertation committees in accordance with the Office of Graduate Studies policy. Associate members are clinical faculty, lecturers, adjunct faculty, research professors, external thesis or dissertation committee members, or administrative staff with an earned doctorate or appropriate terminal degree on regular academic appointment, or faculty who hold at least a master’s degree plus five years of qualifying professional experience and who are approved by the faculty of the appropriate department or discipline. The term of appointment for associate membership may be for one to three years, decided by the dean of graduate studies based upon the recommendation presented by the appropriate department.


Membership renewal for graduate and associate graduate members will be reviewed by the department. Failure to meet the criteria may result in removal from list of graduate faculty. An appeal process is available in such cases. For graduate faculty to be reappointed for another five-year term or for associate graduate faculty to be appointed to graduate faculty status or be reappointed at the associate level, there must be a demonstrated program of personal research, artistry, or expertise, the product(s) of which have received positive review from experts in the field at appropriate local or national levels of presentation.

Procedures for Appointment Department Nomination

The academic department nominates a faculty member for membership in one of the two graduate faculty categories to the dean of the academic college. Upon endorsement by the college dean, the recommendation is forwarded to the dean of graduate studies who compares the nominee’s vita to the approved departmental guidelines and makes recommendations to a subcommittee of the graduate studies committee for formal approval. If a denial of graduate faculty membership occurs, the nominee may reapply with additional supporting documentation or may appeal the decision to the entire graduate studies committee.

Duties of Graduate Faculty

All graduate faculty are vested with the responsibility for advancing the university’s mission at the graduate level; will provide support for graduate education through teaching, supervising, and advising of graduate students. Graduate faculty should demonstrate their concern with the improvement of instruction and programs and in their own development as productive individuals.

Privileges of Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty status provides eligibility to apply to the University System of Maryland inter-institutional graduate faculty.

Approved by the University Senate, September 28, 1999.
Amended and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee, March, 2013.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) Membership

The NCFDD is an online community that provides resources and tools, mentoring, and support for faculty and graduate students including:

  • Professional development programming that is focused on increasing productivity
  • An intense and reliable support network of highly trained and successful mentors
  • An independent confidential “safe space” for brainstorming and problem solving

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