Summer Intercultural Skills Program

Towson University's Summer Intercultural Skills Program provide the opportunity for students from overseas to come to the United States to improve their academic English proficiency in preparation for future university enrollment in the United States.

The Summer Program includes:

  • An English proficiency test administered to help teachers provide appropriate instruction for each participant's individual level.
  • Intensive English language instruction. Students attend daily classes and seminars taught by Towson University faculty totaling 60 or more hours of academic language instruction:

Classroom lessons taught by the professional university faculty of the English Language Center emphasize speaking, listening, reading, speaking & writing, and U.S. culture seminars providing insight into sports, pop culture, and local-area history.  

Seminars are taught by TU faculty members.

  • On-campus housing and access to Towson University services, including the campus library, dining halls, athletic facilities, etc. Housing on campus is secure with room key/card, and security personnel/receptionists are available 24 hours per day.
  • Meals provided weekdays on campus, where students can choose from a variety of menus and can eat as much or little as they desire.
  • Excursions to Baltimore City, Washington DC, and other cities are included.
  • A certificate of completion awarded at the end of the program upon successful completion.

Note: students who will be residing in the Towson area with family or friends may contact the International Partnerships Office regarding participation at a reduced rate. Additionally, students may enroll in classes only and pay for trips, meals, health insurance, etc. on an a-la-carte basis.